Arrange the tofu on top of the meat. Whisk together the ingredients for the marinade until smooth (gradually add the liquid ingredients so that the sesame paste won’t become lumpy). Slice the pork. Turn off the heat, and let it rest (with the cover on) for 30 minutes. Equipment: Roast Donabe with the metal grate set. Masterfully crafted Bamboo Chopsticks by Kochosai Kosuga, By 120+ year-old Brewery in Miyazu, Kyoto, Artisan Soy Sauce by 300-year-old Brewery, Steamed Tofu & Mushrooms with Black Sesame Sauce, 14 oz (400 g) thinly-sliced pork butt, cut into bite-size pieces, 7 – 8 leaves medium napa cabbage, cut into 1/2″ (5 cm) pieces, 1 oz (30 g) carrot, cut into 1/4″ (6 mm) thick matchsticks, 7 oz (200 g) medium-firm tofu, drained and sliced into 6 pieces, Sliced dry chili (can substitute with red chili flakes) to serve. To assemble the ingredients in the donabe, first, spread the napa cabbage evenly on the bottom. This time, I tweaked my last recipe even further, and it became the best curry I'd made so far. Wrap in a paper towel, keep in a resealable plastic bag and let it salt-marinade in refrigerator for at least overnight up to a few days. Let the meat marinate for 15 – 30 minutes. 3. Once you have all the ingredients ready, all you need to do is just piling up the ingredients and build your excitement while waiting for the dish to cook. Pat dry with paper towel. This extra-durable donabe is thick-bodied with a sturdy flat lid which can tight seal. Make sure the surface around the stove is highly heat-resistant, as the area could get very hot from the radiant heat from the donabe. Cover with lid, and set the donabe over medium-high heat. The 1 rice cooker cup (1 gō / 1合) is 180 ml (which is 150 g rice) instead of 200 ml or 240 ml, and Nami used Japanese rice to water ratio, 1:1.1 for this Donabe recipe. Simmer for about 10 minutes or until the meat is barely cooked through. Start adding table spoon sized balls of ground chicken mixture to the soup. Pour the. The meat was browned in a large saute pan and the grease was drained. To make Zosui, remove all the ingredients from the soup leaving only the broth (add more Dashi or water to make 4 cups if needed). If your measuring cup is 240 ml, 240 ml x 1.1 = 264 ml of water that you will need for 1 cup of rice. Add Harusame a couple of minutes before eating. Place the pork in the center on the grate, and arrange the onion wedges, garlic cloves and potatoes around the pork. Turn off the heat, and let it rest (with the cover on) for 30 minutes. Meanwhile, check a couple of times and stir the meat gently with chopsticks. Made of special clay, donabe is a century-old cooking utensil in Japan. Other great use for donabe include cooking rice, as you can slowly cook the rice on lower heat and the rice will be cooked to perfection. The cooking time can vary depending on the type of ingredients, and it’s easily adjustable. So, I got another big chunk of pork butt and did the deep donabe braising. Beautiful Design. And, it’s quite handy. Tasting and Condiment Bowl, Available in 3 Colors, 100% Natural Japanese Daidai Orange Citrus Juice, Steamed Tofu & Mushrooms with Black Sesame Sauce, 1 lb (450 g) block of pork shoulder , cut in half, 1 medium onion, quartered (skin attached), 2 medium-small yellow potatoes, cut in half. This is a basic, and also my favorite recipe using Roast Donabe. Add the pork and mix well by hand. and can also make my guests excited. Just put the ingredients in the Roast Donabe, and after 30 minutes of cooking + 30 minutes of resting, they are perfectly roasted. Unwrap the pork and rinse in running water. The marinade has such a rich flavor, and the creamy sesame paste makes it so aromatic. The food cooked in donabe is really delicious though I am not sure why. Be extra cautious and make sure to use proper protection when touching the hot donabe. Add the gobo, carrot, and maitake mushrooms in loose layers, then spread the pork with the marinade in the center evenly. About Donabe and Iga-yaki Earthenware How to use Kamado-san (Basic Rice Cooking) How to Season Donabe How to Take Care of Your Donabe How Iga-yaki donabe is made From Iga, Japan Documentary Film: CRAFTED Recipes Line the inner bottom of the Roast Donabe with a piece of aluminum foil (for easy cleaning) and set the metal grate. This donabe is also great for slow cooking such as stew, braising, or oven roasting. What is Donabe? You can simply set your choice of ingredients on the roast grate, and set the donabe (with the lid on) over gas stove to roast. To assemble the ingredients in the donabe, first, spread the napa cabbage evenly on the bottom. Cook for 30 minutes. I love this donabe so much, because with such a minimum work, I can make the really amazing roasted pork etc. Enjoy with different condiments, if you like. The donabe pot looks beautiful at the dining table when you cook hot pot. Serve with your choice of condiments. Add pork and vegetables and cook about 10-15 minutes. Cook for 30 minutes. Slice the pork. Cover with lid, and set the donabe over medium-high heat. Cover with lid and bring to a simmer over medium heat. 2. Rub the sea salt all over the meat. Add the, Arrange the tofu on top of the meat.