was born in 1935. Don McCullin at Tate Britain — the push and pull of empathy and voyeurism. Don McCullin is the war photographer’s “war photographer”. Just Don’t Call Him an Artist Don McCullin: The Interview, Tate Museum. A self confessed war junkie, Don McCullin’s quest to bring the ugly truths of war to the international attention would come at great personal cost. Don McCullin was born in 1935 in Finsbury Park, at that time one of London’s rougher bailiwicks. Iconic photographer Don McCullin will discuss his career with television and radio broadcaster Jonathan Dimbleby. In fact, he’s probably the only photographer who can claim a Nikon F camera saved his life. When war broke out, he — like thousands of other small children — was packed off to the countryside, where he was separated from his older sister. Don celebrated his 80th birthday last year, which was commemorated by an updated version of the retrospective photobook, simply called Don McCullin; a new version of his autobiography, Unreasonable Behaviour; and a limited-edition collection of his images, called Irreconcilable Truths.McCullin will also be exhibiting work at Photo London from 19-22 May and the Arles … McCullin would however go on to capture history as it was being made baring witness to some of the bloodiest conflicts of the last fifty years. Don McCullin has been filmed discussing his photography many times during his long career, but rarely has he been shown shooting in the field. Believed to be among the world's best living war photographers, Don McCullin has been taking professional photographs for the last half century. Film director Clive Booth, cinematographer Chris Clarke and Sir Don McCullin’s manager, Mark George, tell the behind-the-scenes story of how they made the documentary film, McCullin in Kolkata. (when a bullet hit it) Before war, he made a name for himself photographing the London gangs in the late 50’s. Beginning work in photojournalism at the Sunday Times Magazine in the 1960s, McCullin went on to become one of the greatest photographers of conflict, having travelled widely through Africa, India, Southeast Asia and the Middle East. Don McMullin. His … Sources. Don McCullin Official Website NY Times, Don McCullin Is a War Photographer.