In terms of fluoride content, Aquafina checks in at .05 ppm, which is a decent amount less than the average levels of bottled waters tested in 2005 of .11 ppm according to the Fluoride Action Network. 8 Ways I Detoxed My Body From Fluoride (100% Scientific) Casey J Krol | Posted on November 8, 2019 | 8 Ways I Detoxed My Body From Fluoride (100% Scientific) A fluoride detox is one of the best things you can do for your health. Read more Does Aquafina Water Have Fluoride? Unless the product specifically states no fluoride the chances are pretty good - even in organic foods. There have also been serious incidents inolving public tap water, such as the recently contaminated water with lead in Flint, Michigan. Unfortunately, they are paying higher prices for a bottle of water filled with health damaging fluoride. Both plastic and aluminum packaging, when they are recycled, or made from recycled content, present an opportunity to reuse valuable material and keep it out of the environment. For Aquafina, we have chosen to offer an option of aluminum packaging. There is 0 to .05 mg of fluoride in this water and the the maximum contaminant level for fluoride is 1.24 to 2.24. A 2019 sample water quality analysis for Aquafina is listed below. Aquafina Sources. Anything that has water in it has at least a 70% chance of having fluoride in it because they use tap water. Aquafina is filtered water that is sodium-free and has no nutritional value. Many people have bought the marketing that bottled water is healthier. SIGN THE PETITION TO ELIMINATE TOXIC FLUORIDE FROM PUBLIC WATER SYSTEMS IN IDAHO. Filed under: Blog. Ingredients. They run the water through HydRO-7™, their trademarked purification process. The blue label on the Aquafina bottle says that it is "pure water" originating from public water sources--"tap" water to us. You must understand that fluoride is a mineral we need in TRACE amounts, but the fluoride ADDED to toothpaste and water is a toxic form and that is the main problem with it. A can of vegetables for example will have lots of fluoride and most drinks. Even if they do have trace amounts of fluoride naturally, it's negligible. Our Aquafina plants each conduct on average 320 tests daily, 1950 tests weekly, and − when we include off-site monitoring, 102,000 tests annually to assure the consistent quality of our Aquafina bottled water. Fluoride is added to 37% of Idaho’s public water supply. Only Reverse Osmosis filtration can remove it and they don't usually do that to products. The maximum contaminant levels are set by the EPA and the Food and Drug Administration.