Our Destiny 2 Best PVE Weapons list takes a look at the top options to play with in the new Shadowkeep expansion! As such, Destiny 2 players finally don't need to have multiple mods of the same type just to try them out on different weapons. Snipers have been laid low from their formerly-dominant position in the Destiny 2 PVE meta, thanks to repeated nerfs and buffs to other weapon types. This means they will have a limited maximum power level and won’t be viable for end-game content. Destiny 2. As Destiny 2 continues to expand, there does seem to be one way in which it’s slowing down to a certain extent: the types of weapons added to the game.. However, they’re still powerful in PVP, with the Revoker and Beloved in particular being some of the most-used of all weapons in the Crucible. Elemental damage is one of the manifestations of Light and Darkness, and can be used to a player's advantage to make their attacks more effective. Elemental damage is a modifier that exists on certain attacks and weapons. It comes into play for both Guardians and enemies. In this Destiny 2 Damage Types and Weapons guide we’ll explain how enemies and weapons have different damage types. Bungie. From this point forward, I’ll be making a clear distinction between PVE and PVP content. So, if you're looking to shred your enemies in Raids, Strikes, and Nightfalls then these are the ones you are going to want to have equipped. These guns are the most popular among players in the game right now. Destiny features a range of Weapons. Read everything there is to know about weapon retirement (also refered to weapon sunsetting) here. In Destiny 2, the weapon system was changed to allow for some additional freedom, at the cost of access to weapons that used to be in the Special slot. Weapon retirement: Starting this Fall, some weapons in Destiny 2 will be retired. Weapon slots were rearranged based on a combination of both weapon damage type and damage output. Specifically, all weapons … The best summary of the changes is: Weapon archetypes were decoupled from weapon slots for the top two slots. 1 Categorization 2 Exotic Weapons 3 Primary Weapons 4 Special Weapons 5 Heavy Weapons 6 Navigation 6.1 Weapons 7 Weapon Types 7.1 Automatic Rifles 7.2 Fusion Rifles 7.3 Hand Cannons 7.4 Machine Guns 7.5 Pulse Rifles 7.6 Rocket Launchers 7.7 Scout Rifles 7.8 Shotguns 7.9 Sniper Rifles Weapons in Destiny are categorized … I've rounded up the 25 best Destiny 2 weapons that can be obtained through direct, actionable activities, such as exotic quests and weapon bounties.