Guardians looking for the best way to wreak burst damage from afar need look no further. What Are The Best Pulse Rifles in Destiny 2? High-impact frame Pulse rifles received a significant PVP buff that made them more consistent and forgiving in the Crucible. Here are the top 20 Pulse Rifles that you can use in Destiny 2 to help you go through the game with ease: Bygones-Destiny 2 Pulse Rifles. In this post: Verdict: What the reviews say; God Rolls: What to look for; How to farm it; First things first. Today, we’ll focus on Cold Denial, the new Best Pulse rifle in Destiny 2, and one of the strongest weapons right now. This is up to date as of … This list will include all of the best PvE and PvP pulse rifles and include some exotics as well. Destiny 2 has its fair share of really good weapons, but today I am going to be specifically highlighting the best pulse rifles in Destiny 2. Vigilance Wing . The barrel can be adjusted between lightly vented and balanced. Many Destiny 2 players will say the best pulse rifles is one you’ve dismantled and thrown in the bin, but we’re here for you with a couple of options you may at least have some fun with. This is the first aspect you should look at when determining which Destiny 2 Season of Worthy Pulse Rifle to use is the effectiveness of the weapon. Below is the List of Best Destiny 2 Pulse Rifles. There are several different aspects of determining this. Determining which Destiny 2 Pulse Rifles are best for you is an important step in cementing your power. Auto rifles are the strongest they have ever been in Destiny 2, and Gnawing Hunger is no exception to this. This comprehensive list of Destiny 2’s top Pulse Rifles provides all the knowledge you need to have the best Pulse Rifle on hand for any situation and where to find them. 5. Bygones is a legendary kinetic pulse rifle that has the adaptive frame which is sturdy and reliable to use. Effectiveness. Adaptive frames – the 600 RPM archetype – are the best feeling, boosting noticeable range and a solid rate of fire.