If this weapon was still obtainable and wasn't sunset, it would be much higher on this list. RELATED: Destiny 2: Top 15 Sidearms, Ranked There are so many Hand Cannons in Destiny 2 that it can be hard to pick which one is good. Charles Burgar is an expert on all things tech and gaming. It also comes with a high range stat, and it can roll incredible PvE and PvP perks to make this gun play like a dream. In Destiny 2 PvP the sweat gets turned up to 11 when it comes to hand cannons. The weapon would either kill enemies in two shots, or it did as much as a Legendary. It does deal enough damage to instantly kill most rank and file enemies with a single headshot, making it a great option for most enemies. 3.7. Spare Rations has finally met its match, at least for PvP activities. This weapon acts as a traditional 140 RPM Hand Cannon with a small amount of DoT damage per shot until it kills someone. These explosive slugs are perfect for taking out majors in PvE and mid-range Guardians inside of the Crucible. You want guns that can take care of minors and majors quickly. Cayde's iconic gun can be earned in the Forsaken DLC. Check your profile and weapon statistics. Due to the vast amount of loot that was sunset in Beyond Light, this is one of the only weapons in the game that can roll with a reload and damage perk at the same time. In essence, this perk will grant extra damage after landing two precision hits in a row. Among all of the weapons made available to you Destiny 2’s universe, the Hand Cannon is by far the most iconic of them all. Ranging from Exotic Hand Cannons to randomly-rolled Legendaries, here are the 20 best Hand Cannons players can use in Destiny 2. The IKELOS_HC_v1.0.2 is a random roll variant of the classic Warmind Hand Cannon featuring perks such as Disruption Break and Subsistence. It’ll serve you in just about any game mode Destiny 2 has to offer. If you want an easy gun to get that has great rolls, try and cross your fingers for Midnight Coup to drop. It's a great weapon for PvP, but in PvE it becomes truly special due to its ability to generate Warmind Cells. In Destiny 2’s Gambit mode, generally you want to go for PvE-oriented perks and hand cannons rather than PvP ones unless you’re a hardcore invader. RELATED: 15 Things To Do After You Beat Destiny 2: Beyond Light. He is currently a Freelance writer for TheGamer and Game Rant. If you want guns with more varied (but still good) perk options, Spare Rations and Austringer are both worth grinding for. Opening Shot and Rangefinder is incredibly strong in PvE, turning this weapon into a headshot machine that rarely misses. In any event, we’re going to go over the best hand cannons in Destiny 2 for 2020. What was once one of the hardest weapons to get in Destiny 2 is now a breeze to obtain, only requiring two Ascendant Shards and some planetary materials to acquire. That’s all for our best hand cannons in Destiny 2 for PvE, PvP, & Gambit as of Shadowkeep and Season of Dawn. Every bullet from this weapon demolishes majors, chunks bosses, and can even destroy Champion barriers that are otherwise impervious to damage. With the recent buff to Aggressive Frame Hand Cannons in Destiny 2, the Warden's Law finally has a small niche it can fulfill. RELATED: The 5 Best Things About Destiny 2: Beyond Light (& The 5 Worst). Players go through a quest that takes them through the entire solar system to repair his Hand Cannon. Outside of the exotics, Austringer, Service Revolver, and Trust all are popular legendary options with great roll potential. PvE players can obtain a roll with Reconstruction and One for All, allowing this weapon to house 38 bullets in the magazine while granting a massive 33% damage increase for ten seconds after hitting three opponents. It has Rampage and Outlaw, two excellent perks, and you don’t need to roll for perks over and over once you get your first one. These weapons now have much more range than they did previously, Aggressive Frame Hand Cannons now fire at 120 RPM instead of 110 RPM, and Precision 180 RPM Hand Cannons received a massive magazine increase. Hand Cannons are easily top contenders for the most popular weapon types to bring into the Crucible or Gambit matches. Most of the perks it can roll are rather bad, but the curated roll makes it a beast of a gun. All Precision Frame Hand Cannons received a massive increase in magazine size with the release of the Beyond Light expansion, Malfeasance being one of them. Plus, it’s powerful in its own right once the burrowed explosive rounds go off. Its ability to roll Firmly Planted and Moving Target makes it a powerhouse at most ranges. Run it in PVE, PVP, Gambit, you name it! The explosions from Sunshot can detonate Warmind Cells as they spawn, resulting in a group of enemies turning into a nuclear bomb for players to detonate. No one expected this weapon to be so strong. The Prophecy dungeon's reprisal of a classic Escalation Protocol weapon is one of two exceptions to this. This weapon has a whopping 20-round magazine, deals respectable damage from range, and can shred through major and Guardians alike thanks to its Exotic perk. For PvP, Killing Wind and Rampage can be combined to mimic the Magnificent Howl perk that Not Forgotten was infamous for. Random rolls are also solid on this weapon, allowing Guardians to obtain both Outlaw and Kill Clip on it simultaneously. An aim assist stat of 87 and a range of 45 make this weapon immediately stand out, but the perk pool makes Dire Promise truly shine. Despite it being sunset, Midnight Coup is still a force to be reckoned with in strikes and patrol spaces. With an understanding of games for as long as he can remember, Charles has a large interest in understanding what makes things fun. Thorn has had a massive balance struggle for all of the original Destiny's lifespan. As Destiny 2's only Special Hand Cannon, Eriana's Vow packs a serious punch. It’s arguably the most popular and most reliable archetype in all of Destiny 2 and is useful across all game modes; at least as of Shadowkeep and Season of Arrivals. Both of these damage bonuses stack, meaning that Kindled Orchid gets over 65% extra damage when both are active. Despite its accessibility and sunset status, Not Forgotten is still a monster of a PvP weapon. As long as you enjoy the hip-fire style of The Last Word, it has one of the fastest TTKs in the game and is just a blast to use in general. And just like spaghetti western films, The Last Word can be fan fired at a blazing 225 rounds per minute. On top of updating the older entries to reflect the new changes, we have also added five additional Hand Cannons that are a blast to use. 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Note that this weapon is currently sunset. Energy-wise, Kindled Orchid, Trust, and Nation of Beasts are the best picks.