Areas of susceptibility include wrists, back and neck. There really isn't a standard size. Every 10th illness-related workday absence can be attributed to Lumbago, Herniated Disks & Co. So how much room do you need to leave for your chair from the front of the desk to the nearest obstruction? House Plans Helper. Start your home design journey by downloading your, Free Floor Plan Symbols We may be paid compensation when you click on links to those products and/or services. Here we'll cover the basic desk dimensions (desk width, depth and height) that we need for designing your home office layout. A thin but deep desk will allow you to push the laptop or keyboard back and work on some reading or writing for a while. However, if you opt for a standing desk, or some contraption that can raise and lower your computer so you can stand or sit, ensure your alignment is good. This would fit a modest sized chair. Lock chair back upright: I used to set my chair back so that I could tilt backward. Chairs without armrests will fit a wider variety of desks. Again the principle holds that the area in the middle of the desk is effectively shared. Ergonomic Office: Calculate optimal height of Desk, Chair / Standing Desk. Thank you for visiting House Plans Helper. These dimensions are based on how the human body If you fancy a sitting / standing desk combination and you're not going to spring for one of those fancy adjustable height desks, consider a bar height desk with a bar height chair. That's a good thing because it means you can use different widths and depths and heights to meet your needs, while fitting in to the space you have available for your home office floor plan. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. Eligible for Free Shipping. Below is our series of desk dimension diagrams and tables that provide all the desk dimension details you need in order to sit in a healthy manner at a desk. The seat height of the Lino Chair is also adjustable between 16.75”-20.75” (43-53 cm). This page is part of the home office design series. The standard desk height is 29 to 30 inches (74 to 76 centimeters). I ensure I walk, run or play a sport most days of the week in lieu of standing. He loves penning the perfect introduction or clever description of a particular design. (61, 76 and 91 cm) deep. This is called ergonomic office furniture – furniture that’s designed for proper alignment and posture when working at a desk, especially a computer. Most work desk heights are between 28 and 30 inches, which is really only a suitable height for people from 5 ft 8 inches to 5 ft 10 inches (173–178cm) with a conventional desk chair. For more comfort and to accommodate a bigger office chair increase the chair clearance to 30 inches (76cm). Let's take a look at the dimensions required for two people sitting opposite each other. document.write(year), Privacy Policy  Disclosure  Terms of Use  Contact, Minimum width - 24 inches (61cm) per person (although an economy airline tray table is about 18 inches wide! If you're buying a desk or having a desk built in choose the height that's right for you. When not writing about design, he cycles, reads crime novels, barbecues (ribs are his specialty), entertains friends and hangs out with his beautiful wife and amazing kids. I need my chair elevated fairly high, yet not so high that my legs get mashed into the underside of the desk. Swivel chairs make it easier to get in and out from behind your desk, especially if the space is a bit tight. 20 Black and White Home Office Ideas (Photos), Haus M, Crailsheim by schleicher.ragaller – freie architekten bda, Tom Clancy’s Penthouse in Baltimore, MD (Going to Auction), I Threw Tofu on a Waffle Iron and it Was Revolutionary. ), Minimum depth clearance at knee level - 18 inches (46cm), Minimum depth clearance at foot level - 24 inches (61cm), Minimum height clearance at foot level - 4 inches (10cm), Minimum width - 20 inches (51cm) per person. fits at a desk rather than the activities that are going to be carried This often resulted in terrible posture and positioning. (Again, the image is … I wish you all the best for your home project. 1-24 of 233 results for Home & Kitchen : Furniture : Home Office Furniture : Home Office Chairs : Home Office Desk Chairs : 21 to 25 Inches : "Home Office Desk Chairs". Minimum depth - depends what you want to put on the desk. While office jobs tend to cause fewer injuries than physical jobs, that doesn’t mean you can suffer any chronic pain from sitting at a desk for much of your working day. Amazon Prime. This article may include references and links to products and services from one or more of our advertisers. There's also information on office chair clearance.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'houseplanshelper_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_1',130,'0','0'])); And what desk space you need for an office for 2 (or maybe more). Get the largest desk that fits comfortably … A small kids desk might measure 36 x 24 x 30 inches (W x D x H) (92 x 61 x 76cm). There is no "standard" office chair dimension, but most desk chairs fall into a common range of sizes: Seat height: 16 inches to 20.5 inches Seat width: 19 inches to 21.625 inches Seat depth: 15.75 inches to 18.5 inches. Can You Use a Condo or Townhouse Solely for Your Business Office?