The hexagonal barrel is easy to hold and the pencil sharpens to a good point to cover all your drawing and sketching needs. The Pack of 12 Derwent Medium Graphite Pencils are great for budding and skilled artists alike, whether you are creating your next masterpiece or experimenting with pencils for the first time. Finished in black livery with a distinct orange stripe for easy identification, the pencils degree is imprinted into its paintwork. The 24 tin of Derwent Graphic drawing pencils contains the full range of 20 degrees from 9B - 9H with 2 x 2H, HB, 2B and 4B included. This quality pencil is ideal for all types of drawing and sketching and for everyday writing. 1-33 London Dr Bayswater, Vic 3153; 03 9762 6805; Sign in Register. Graphic Derwent Pencils + … This set of high quality graphite led pencils are all you need to sketch whatever you … Derwent Graphic Pencils are an excellent and affordable all-round graphite pencil. Living so close to the beautiful town of Keswick in the Lake District, home to the wonderful Derwent Pencil Company, Derwent Graphite pencils were in large supply. How to Make a Purchase? Sort by: None ... Derwent Graphic Designer (Medium) Tin 12. Compare ; Gift Certificates; Cart Delivery information You may find delivery takes slightly longer than expected but we do endeavor to get your parcel to you as soon as possible They are perfect for almost any kind of drawing, whether you prefer loose sketching or highly detailed illustration. Derwent Graphic Pencils : Smooth, ... are for expressive sketches and portraiture. Derwent Graphic is a range of high quality graphite pencils This tin of medium pencils (6B - 4H) is best suited to design and general drawing. Derwent Graphic Pencils. I think it is a fair assumption to make that I, like so many artists, before selecting my medium of choice, coloured pencil, I started out with graphite. Whatever your drawing style or media preference, you'll need some traditional, high quality graphite pencils and you won't find a better range than Derwent Graphic. Graphic Derwent Pencils. Hard Spectrum (B - 9H) are for crsiply detailed illustrations. This set features 12 medium graphite pencils (6B-4H). Medium Spectrum (6B - 4H Designer) are for general drawing and design work. Derwent Graphite Pencil Review. Derwent Graphic Designer (Medium) Tin 12 $20.50 inc GST. Graphic Pencils also cover an impressive range of grades, with the softest being the 9B and the hardest the 9H.