Below is the program: Monday and Thursday Program. One of the most traditional bodybuilding workout routines is the 3 day split. Ultimate 7 Day Workout Plan & Routine. (Spoiler alert: They're not.) Not only does it allow for proper recovery in each muscle group, it allows the trainee to work at a much higher intensity since each muscle group is only trained once a week. 2 Comments. There are many variations of the 3 day split but overall they are all similar. For the rest of us who know the above isn't quite realistic, it serves us best to get on a split routine. During this 7-day workout plan we’ll guide you through everything you need to completely transform the way you look. This is the holy grail of complete recomposition programs. No more belly fat, string bean arms or muffin top hips. Arnold Schwarzenegger's Four-Day Beginners Routine. And no, it doesn't have to be a full bro split. Legs: Exercise: Sets: Reps: Squats: 5: 8: Leg Extensions: 5: 12: Leg Curls: 5: 8-10 . Here's a workout Arnold suggested for an individual that has been exercising using calisthenics for several weeks to get in shape and is ready to start lifting weights. Now – Obviously if you aren’t in great shape and already training this pro bodybuilder 12 week guide will do little good for you. The 3 day split is a very popular workout routine and arguably the best approach to building mass. Five day splits are among one of the most common splits used among bodybuilders these days. Build muscle and strength while completely shredding excess fat. This article is going to dive into the training program, Bodybuilding Workout Routines and the type of diet it will take to get you to a bodybuilder physique. If you think you'll be able to torch your full body intensely on a seven-day workout plan, you'd better hope your nutrition and sleep are completely spotless.