Salt and pepper then fry in oil. Do you know the recipe for that? I serve mine with Mac~n~Cheese and peas! Blessing to you all. Form patties, fry in hot oil in my black frying pan, Love them with: Large Lima Beans & biscuit OR Southern Cane Syrup & biscuit. My Dad made these with white flour gravy over them and they were DELISH! She gladly taught me how to make them and agreed to be a. These salmon patties are savory and delicious. Photography by Beverly Davis. I love salmon and make them the same way. I can remember having as a kid, but my mother died when I was fairly young and before I was interested in her recipes. I also crush the bones for the calcium content. Easy to make with a few simple ingredients. My Granny used pink salmon, everything in the can (double Q only), 2 eggs, s&p, self-rising flour (enough to bind) She then spooned heaped spoonfuls into a skillet of hot grease, brown both sides and they were done. Been looking for this recipe. Look for hints, such as the words “meanwhile” or “at the same time,” which indicate two or more steps can happen simultaneously. I do like to add the chopped onion to mine. I love the idea of adding minced green onions, dill, garlic powder & frying in olive oil. They like to make sandwiches with cheese and tarter sauce on what ever bread we have handy at the time. I like the easy recipe but not salmon, I use canned crab and canned shrimp , 1 egg , panko crumbs , and miracle whip (mayo) , lemon herb season, Instead of cracker crumbs I use 2 or 3 tablespoons of leftover mashed potatoes and 1 egg and finely chopped onions and salt and pepper to your taste. I LOVE these! Thanks for posting the recipe! so tired of reading peoples comments to change a recipe that you published. 1) to fry: Roll the patties lightly in the flour, breadcrumbs, or cornmeal. To her it was just getting something on the table so I never watched to learn how she made them. 1  15oz. Reading them was like taking a visit to your kitchens. I put mine together like you do but I coat my patty in the cornmeal. Instead of the crackers crumbs and cornmeal, I add just enough self-rising flour to dry the mixture enough to form the patties. Not paid for mentioning or showing photos of favorite products. That's what my Momma always made with salmon patties when I was a kid some 50+ years ago.... YUM! Before starting, make sure you have parchment paper, aluminum foil, measuring cups, measuring spoons, the right pans, mixing bowls, and other equipment. Play favorite music while in the kitchen. Thank you for sharing. Why? Mix in sliced green onions for an even better taste! Check the listed “prep time” and “total time” to be sure you have enough time to complete the recipe. I SAUTE MY VEGETABLES BEFORE I PUT THEM IN THE SALMON AND EVERYTHING EVERYBODY ELSE SAID THEN BLESS AND EAT. If you like onion, try some in the patty's...very good~. Thanks for the recipe!-- Angela from Arkansas, I like lemon juice and hore radish in mine, I be from alaska and it be an alaskan thing but they are good though we used king salmon which is fantistic. They are just as delicious and much healthier. They're just like when i was a kid! Make notes in your recipe. I do test all recipes before I post them and I am sure they turn out the way you all see them in the pictures if the directions are followed and correct ingredients are used. It's all good. Love salmon patties. Hi Linda! Love the patties with country syrup and cheese grits! This is the recipe my mother has used for years and taught me a long time ago. Yum Yum. Except for the cornmeal, this is how my mom makes it. I love your page. Always a real treat. Salmon paties are a favorite for my family...always cook using Dawn's recipe above but I am trying this one next time. yummy! These sound really good and since my father in law can have salmon, this dish is perfect. Stay tuned! Visualize doing each step which will help you avoid missing a step. Yummy! Looking so forward to trying yours and some other variations on this recipe blog. Thanks Kathy!! My "Nanny" (grandmother) taught me when I was a young girl. Mashed potatoes and crisp salmon patties, what a walk down memory lane. My Gran always added minced (not diced) onion to hers, and I still do to this day... LOVE Salmon Patties!!! For example, my prep time doesn’t include bringing cold butter up to room temperature. Someone posted that it was rude to offer up a different version, but fortunately this thread is so long, I only read polite suggestions. We also had the salmon patties as kids. I don't know blog from fog, but, I think whomever it is that has created this blog - if this is what a blog is - is a kind, giving, person that I would very much enjoy knowing. Add baking powder to reserved juice. Salmon patties with fried potatoes or scalloped potatoes and macaroni and tomatoes1 One of my favorite meals! Only thing my granny did different...she made them really thin so they were super crunchy! They freeze great after they are cooked. Adds good flavor. This is my recipe and the way I have made them for years and while it might not be the way you make them, it is the way we do and the way we like them. People for the most part just want to share their version of your dishes. Easy to make with a few simple ingredients. I had never made them at home because I didn't like them very much. can salmon1 egg1/3 c. minced onion1/2 c. flour1 1/2 tsp. My Granny would always make them just like this recipe for me when I was a little girl. People say you can't fry using olive oil, but it's all I ever use!!! But more times than not, it makes the blog more interesting. My absolute favorite meal of all time! just read all comments about salmon patties enjoyed all of them. I have made these for years and years. I'm a sucker for crunchy! Salmon pattys and S O S had the same creamed peas sauce I love both yum just got mark down lunch beef meat guess what Im making :-) Hot diggy dog I didn't have this for a long time Ma mad it last RIP. It is delicious that way. The only thing missing in your recipe is some finely chopped onion. I love reading all your recipes, and if for some reason I want to change it, well I'm certainly not going to suggest you do the same! I don't think people are being rude when they tell how they make their salmon patties. I just always thought that a bone shouldn't be in your food, but the salmon is pressured cooked in the can, so the bones are soft. Cornmeal is something we started adding just in the last few years. I love these and serve them with English Peas and Macaroni and Cheese. Red Salmon is delicious this way, but more expensive. Skinless Boneless Pink Salmon, with juice. When I mention it, usually people tell me they've never heard of it. Form 8 large salmon cakes.Heat a non-stick skillet on medium-high heat. Garlic should not be anywhere near this recipe nor for any salmon patty recipes. We always used flour. Someone asked if you can freeze the patties. I don't use any meal, flour or bread crumbs. Bring to a roaring boil. Organize your tools and kitchen equipment. Shape 1/3 cupfuls of the stuffing mixture into patties; add to skillet in batches. Still great meal. I make them now for my family. Maybe it wouldn't even be noticable.