COOKING DIRECTIONS. Before that, I would just put the plastic back around them, throw them in the cardboard box and put back in the freezer. The other two quarters can fit in a bigger round glass container or Tupperware. Is American cheese considered a high quality cheese, or is it basically just crap? A Whole pizza! Thaw frozen Nic-o-boli ® at room temperature for 4 hours or place in refrigerator for 1 full day. Get your answers by asking now. Anyway, since it seems to me that no one (except for "corn") really understood the question I will offer my two cents for anyone looking for this answer in the future. Lv 4. Cutting a Frozen Pizza While Still Frozen. But I don't know if I bake the half of pizza on the same 400°F for 15min, or do I cut the bake time in half since it's only half of a pizza? So when I saw a hack claiming to be “the best way to cook frozen pizza,” I had to try it out. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. We use cookies on our website. For hundreds more unexpected cooking tips check out Taste of Home Kitchen Hacks , a new kind of cookbook filled with 150+ hacks, plus recipes to go along with them. They would never thoroughly cook without burning some part. Wipe away condensation from the pan and lightly oil the pan. "Frozen peas, corn, beans, berries and small pieces of fish like shrimp and scallops should not be a solid block of food," said Stack. And do I cut the baking time in half as well since it's only half of a pizza or just cook it the regular time and temp?? I actually just use the box and keep the cardboard insert under it. What I and many others did, was bought an efficient toaster oven. When you slice it before you cook it, you are also ensuring proper cooking all the way through. Place frozen cut slices of pizza directly on center rack, no pan or sheet. Cook the whole thing & ask a friend over, they could cook something for both of you 2moro or eat half now & have the other 2moro with salad. Here you see I cut the frozen pizza into 4 pieces. It’s frozen and super processed so it will last quite a while. Worked fine. The best way to do this is with a small knife, preferably sharp and with a fine point. A common steak knife is a lot harder. Once you remove the whole pizza from its original packaging, place it on a firm surface. You save tons of money by using the toaster oven instead of the full oven when cooking things like frozen pizzas, corn dogs, hot pockets, burritos, and pretty much all frozen entrees. It is more like you are splitting it or breaking it with your weight once you get enough cut in. Don’t I Have To Preheat? I will get back to you next week with a better plan. As long as the counter surface is hard and flat, you can easily cut it before cooking it. Cook on the stone for 5 minutes and it’s done when the cheese is golden brown. DIY Frozen Pizza Kit. You can cut a frozen pizz in half and put it in the oven, but just half your cooking time as there is half the amount of pizza to cook. WTH? Any questions? Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. I used a serrated bread knife.. I wasn't asking about cutting a frozen pizza in half! Place the pizza on top and cook at … I dome the entire pizza almost every time yet I still cut it before. Can I cook a frozen pizza on the stove? Help! This process is going to vary depending on what brand of pizza you have because they have different radius and thicknesses that will cook faster or slower based on how hot your oven gets. Tips? They just can’t cook evenly. Forget about the back-of-the-box instructions, and instead, cook … Once 10 mins is up. At this point, the knife would just pull all of the hot melted gooey cheese and other toppings back like a blanket into a pile of superheated goodness on the side of the pizza. It doesn’t have to be so expensive. Town business. I know you know what I’m talking about and that is why you are here. 1 decade ago. Cook the whole thing & ask a friend over, they could cook something for both of you 2moro or eat half now & have the other 2moro with salad, yes let it thaw a bit first so its easeir to cut. Then, once you've created your "dotted line" pick up the pizza and give it a good whack, striking right where you perforated it, against the edge of the counter. Don’t you hate when you cook a frozen pizza and then it comes time to cut it and you just ruin the whole thing?