You could try Spectracide Triazicide Insect Killer, which needs to be applied 24 hours before the rain, so it has time to dry. Spectracide Triazicide Insect Killer For Lawns. •    Mosquito traps Spray all dark places such as under porches, in vents leading to basement or beneath the house, even spray sides of house, porches, driveways and areas that are not covered with grass - this all helps. A professional insecticide that controls insects for commercial & residential outdoor landscape ornamental flowers, shrubs and trees. However, if you’ve reached the point at which you think you need to spray, yard sprays can be very effective and easy to apply. The main active ingredient in this spray is a chemical, so it is not a natural insecticide. Superior Mosquito Control for Parks, Facilities, Schools, and Many Other Commercial Areas! This is … Designed for professionals or other individuals who need to treat large areas or multiple properties for all levels of mosquito infestations. Moreover, your flowers, trees, lawn, and all other plants will be protected against pests because this yard spray repels not only the insects that can harm you but also those that can do damage to your plants. A professional fly light with a 30-watt UV lighting with 1 glue board that is easy to service and maintain for offices and hospitals. It is … Spraying your yard should be a last resort due to the dangers insecticide sprays pose to pollinators, birds, and aquatic life. Since it’s natural, the effect won’t last as long, and the overall results might be better if you choose to go with ‘the blue one’. A botanical metered fly spray that effectively repels and kills flies, mosquitoes, small flying moths, and gnats. Replacement Glue Boards for the Catchmaster Ovi - Catch AGO Mosquito Trap. A professional insecticide with residual control of over 200 insects for commercial & residential indoor & outdoor applications including lawns and landscaping. I too have butterflies & bees. mosquitoes, biting flies, earwigs, black widows, wolf spiders, water roaches, nats, moths, bees, wasps, butterflies, crickets, snails, horned tomatoes caterpillars-moths, snakes, feral cats, birds, swallows, migrating birds. A professional insecticide that controls many insects indoors and outdoors in commercial and residential areas. Since this product contains lemongrass oil and potassium sorbate, it will kill these insects on contact. Another powerful solution that targets insects and bugs above the ground. A pressurized insect repellant specially formulated to control flying and crawling insects in dairies, food processing areas, and storage sites. When I say natural, I really mean it because this spray is made with five natural ingredients: cedar oil, citronella oil, geranium oil, lemongrass oil, and sodium laryl sulfate. Mama Nature’s Mosquito Juice also has a pleasant smell that you won’t mind in your yard. Many of these products leave no unpleasant chemical odor behind either. Another way to solve your pest problems is to use a mosquito spray on your yard. Some of these include: With only 32 ounces you will be able to spray up to 5,000 square feet. A mosquito eradicator that uses water to control mosquitoes and an excellent alternative to repellents with harmful chemicals. Your email address will not be published*, Cutter Backyard Bug Control Spray Concentrate, Mosquito Magician Natural Mosquito Killer & Repellent Concentrate, Wondercide Natural Flea and Tick Yard Garden Spray. There are many high-quality mosquito sprays out there nowadays which are suitable for protecting your yard from the blood-sucking pests. There are several different methods available for controlling and killing mosquitoes. Simply attach the bottle to your garden hose and spray your area for the ultimate effect of insect and pest-free environment. SolaMist Pro Concentrate is the complimentary product to the SolaMist Insect Control System. That is, the sprayed areas will be safe for them, do not spray the mosquito juice on them. By using this mosquito yard repellent spray, you can treat up to 5,000 square feet (464.51 square meters) per bottle. Thank you. The 32-ounce bottle will be enough to spray an area up to 4,500 square feet (418.06 square meters), so you won’t have to worry about running out of product in the middle of spraying as long as you are not trying to treat a huge area. Lynn July 22, 2020. Mosquitoes, in fact, seem to be inexorably drawn to human skin and blood. Save money and time and rid your home of mosquitoes with professional products. But because it is a pyrethroid, it also is a long-lasting insecticide, whose effects can last from 4 up to 8 weeks, even if it is your first time using it on your yard and even if it rains during those weeks. 3. Easy to use cedar granules that effectively repels bothersome mosquitoes and insect pests. A professional aerosol insecticide fogger with a quick kill and a 30 day residual for ants, flies, fleas, ticks and roaches in rooms up to 5,000 square feet. The 32-ounce bottle is enough to treat an area of around 5,000 square feet. We have a place in southwest Michigan on a small lake with a channel that is a great breeding place for mosquitoes. A professional micro-encapsulated insecticide for commercial & residential indoor & outdoor applications including lawns and ornamental shrubs & trees. A professional fly light with 72 watts UV lighting and two glue boards is the brightest and the fastest catch in the Vector models. As for peppermint vs. other oils mentioned here, it’s mostly about your personal preference, since there are many that will work great, the only difference being the smell. With the 32-ounce bottle, you will be able to cover an area of up to 4,500 square feet. •    Mosquito spray Mosquitoes breed in standing water and hide in vegetation during the day. They are dangerous for beneficial insects like honeybees and butterflies as well as aquatic wildlife. Half the watts and size of the original Vector Plasma. Are there any sprays that don’t have to be attached to a hose? Whether your problem pests live above or below ground, this yard spray will leave your outdoor area free of insects and bugs, so that you can enjoy it again. what can we use to kill the mosquitoes since there is the standing water?