Sky Sorter designs and fabricates optical color sorters,infrared color sorters and belt sorters forrices, beans, lentils, nuts, tea, seeds and plastic and more. Orange invested in sorting machines when the … As a sorting machine manufacturer,here's what we can offer to our clients for color sorting: • High Accuracy & Efficiency • Excellent Customer Service There are two main types of color sorters namely: 1. solutions for rice, grain, seeds,tea, With the latest sorting technology, RM series RGB Color Sorter Machine can be used to sort different types of rice and seeds. Special Design For 26 Mesh To 3 Cm, Application: GET A QUOTE. Copyright © 2020 SKY Sorter. The TS-V series adopts three-layer and four-layer with versa sorting structure, which can transport the wastes sorted by the front sorting cabinet box to the real sorting cabinet for a reverse sorting , to fulfill final sorting and stick-rejection at a time , with a more sorting accuracy,    lower breakage rate and easier operation. Optical Sorting For Quartz, Structure: TM series mini Tea color sorter is specially designed for small scare tea processing merchants and home use , with small production area, flexible operation and competitive price, TM series mini color sorter is becoming more and more popular among customers from Asia, Africa, and Latin America. Founded by visionary technocrats Mr Srinivasan and Mr Zahir Hussain with a combined experience of 32 years of sorting and digital imaging technology. Function: GM Series RGB Color Sorter adopts the latest one key intelligent operation system; Operators are available to set the area of the material color, shape, size and defect by themselves and confirm the rejected material. Xray Optical Sorting, Application: Promech Industries Pvt. By deploying high-end processing machines from YAMAHA and other well-known brands, SKY Sorter is capable of manufacturing machines that are accurate and efficient. Chute-type color sorters 2. Usage: SKY Sorters provide sorting This mechanical-Electrical integration design results in a more   stable overall mechanical structure, much longer machine service life and making the maintenance much easier. Our REALTECH color sorter company produces a variety of series of COLOR SORTER products, you can choose rice , grain color sorter or peanuts color sorting machine and so on, that any one you want. The broken rate of easily broken materials can be effectively minimized. SKY GMI infrared color sorter has a sharp recognition on infrared-sensitive materials such as transparent items, plastics and non-metal particles, as well as particles of different colors, sizes, shapes and even different physical properties. The conveyance speed of BM-DY series belt color sorter can be up to 4m/s, which can effectively meet customers’ requirement of sorting performance as well as output capacity. Rice Color Sorter Machine. Orange Sorting was born in a humble way 15 years back. Sky Sorter designs and fabricates optical color sorters,infrared color sorters and belt sorters forrices, beans, lentils, nuts, tea, seeds and plastic and more. The Pioneers in Color Sorter Manufacturing in India ( Color Sorter Manufacturer ) We are the pioneer manufacturers of Colour Sorting machines in India since 1993 and have over 1,500 installations of Colour sorters for over 40 applications such as Coffee, Pulses, Lentils, Rice, wheat, Tea, Sunflower seeds, Ground nuts, Sesame Seeds etc. multi grains color sorting machine, coffee bean optical sorting machine. Special Design For Sorting Mineral, Application: Thus machine can automatically set the sorting solution of the material according to the independent calculating, intelligent recognition and intelligent sorting principles with one key intelligent control technology. Inquiry now. 1 2 3. 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