Keto Protein Bar with 0g Added Sugar, 3g Net Carbs, Collagen Protein, Prebiotic Fiber, MCT Oil, Dairy free, gluten free, soy free, non GMO and no sugar alcohols Our collagen bars are the keto friendly snack for those looking for low carb options. Made from tasty cashew butter and pasture-raised collagen protein, these Bulletproof bars contain 11-13 grams of protein per bar, 2-4 grams of sugar, no added sugar, quality fats to satisfy hunger and grass-fed collagen protein to support skin, bones and joints. SOY FREE & GLUTEN FREE: No added sugar, additives, or artificial sweeteners. I am so in … The best thing about these nut-free protein bars is that they’re easy to customize. Bulletproof 360 is introducing brand-new Chocolate Dipped Collagen Protein Bars that are keto-friendly and contain just a single gram of sugar each. These bars are made with almond butter (organic), organic cocoa, cacao butter, and sea salt. 3. Perfect Keto Bars a perfect combination of salty and sweet, plus a tasty blend of powerful ingredients such as Sunflower, collagen protein, Lecithin, Soluble Tapioca fiber. Great as a snack or as a light meal by themselves, our Collagen Protein Bars are a nourishing option to fuel your day and be strong, not hungry. You’re supposed to use shredded coconut for these keto protein bars and add in collagen powder for that extra boost of healthy properties. Our delicious dark chocolate is … These are filled with walnuts, pecans, coconut oil, almond butter, chocolate, and collagen. Primal Kitchen Keto Collagen Bars have 3g of sugar or less and 14-16g of protein per grain- and gluten-free bar. The “natural flavors” are from the cacao, however, it does contain soluble tapioca fiber. Chocolate Chip Collagen Bars The perfect keto snack to keep on hand in your freezer. Paleo bars too being 100% dairy free, the highlight ingredients on the Perfect Keto bars are the organic almond butter, cacao butter, collagen protein, organic cocoa, stevia, and sea salt. These paleo collagen bars contain 7.5g of bovine collagen peptides per bar. The decadent Double Chocolate, Vanilla Cookie and Coconut flavors are made with collagen protein from grass-fed cows, plus cashew butter and MCT oil, which packs each bar with seven grams of protein. Each bar weighs 45G or 1.58OZ and has 230 calories. PK bars have no artificial preservatives or sugar added. Just like regular collagen bars, this recipe is packed with grass-fed Collagen Protein to give you the building blocks for healthy skin, bones and joints, plus energizing Brain Octane MCT oil. No-Bake Protein For the top layer, you use sugar-free dark chocolate with coconut oil.