Purpose 1. In general, tree response to hedging and topping depends on several factors including variety, rootstock, tree age, growing conditions, time of pruning, and production practices. Training takes place in the first 4-5 years of the tree's life. According to Alferez, branch orientation determines fruit production. Pruning can be stressful for any plant, so after you're done, give them a good soak and mulch them well. Horizontal branches (or up to 45°) produce most of the fruit and most of the quality. Look for diseased, dead, or infested branches that need to be removed. /ColorSpace /DeviceGray There are three methods to manually prune young citrus trees: freestyle, dichotomic and traditional. /BitsPerComponent 1 %���� From the fourth year on, Alferez recommends maintenance pruning to maintain production. Let’s explore the basics of citrus tree pruning. Cut them out as close to the trunk as possible. Citrus trees can also fruit throughout the tree, including shaded areas, so cutting back lemon trees to improve light availability is not necessary. Pruning is an important part of keeping your citrus trees productive and healthy. /Type /XObject Citrus Industry Magazine is a publication of AgNet Media, Inc. /Filter /CCITTFaxDecode Otherwise, uncontrolled growth results in a tree that is less vigorous and uses water less efficiently. Citrus Tree Pruning Principles and Practices Page 2 framework to fruit bearing shell of the canopy, 2) alters the top/root ratio, and 3) changes the carbohydrate (food storage) status of the tree. Reduce (maintain) tree size and ease cultural practices. Pruning can also help prevent fruit losses to disease and promote flowering and fruit development. With these potentially high-value crops come concerns about management practices, including pruning. Publication Date: 1992 May increase size (with proper thinning) Improves color development … /K -1 /Columns 713>> While all methods are adequate, Alferez says the freestyle method is the least challenging and reportedly used more for varieties such as Satsumas. Pruning is meant to determine how and when the tree will fruit. /Subtype /Image Planting citrus varieties for fresh market production has increased in popularity. You just want to remove non-productive water sprouts, no more than 10 to 15 percent of the canopy,” Alferez says. stream After the first two years being limited to removal of water sprouts and vigorous vertical branches, growers can begin architectural pruning in the third year to build a structure for a solid compact tree. Try not to trim down more than 20% of your tree at any given time. Recently, Fernando Alferez informed growers in a virtual presentation about manual pruning principles. Citrus Tree Pruning Principles And Practices Physical Description: Fact sheet Creator: Tucker, D.P.H. This should be done during the dry season and, if possible, after harvest once freezing risks have passed. According to Alferez, pruning is important to prevent trees from investing energy in misdirected growth. Pruning is a cultural practice involving the removal of tree branches and limbs. /Width 713 Pruning is an important grove care practice that has many advantages for citrus trees because pruning 1. removes weak branches and rejuvenates trees, 2. reduces shading and improves light interception, 3. improves air circulation through the canopy and reduces pest and disease pressure, 4. enhances tree performance, 5. alleviates alternate bearing, 6. increases fruit size and improves fruit quality, and 7. facilitates harvesting. Cut them out as close to the trunk as possible. Easier to hand thin and harvest Better spray coverage, better disease control, (less material). >> Most groves in Florida must be pruned at some time /Height 265 /DecodeParms << How and When to Prune Citrus Trees Major citrus tree pruning, which controls the size of the tree, should be done after risk of freeze has passed, but well in advance of summer heat. With citrus, correct pruning can make a … If the right practices for the citrus types and conditions on the farm are applied at the right time of the year, the farmer will reap benefits in terms of production volumes of the desired fruit size, higher export pack-