I eat an insane amount of hummus. Our Dips See our Dips. Our Desserts See our Desserts. —Catherine Ward, Mequon, Wisconsin I slather it on sandwiches, dip pita chips in it, and would practically eat it by the spoonful if it didn't mean I'd end up with an empty jar.While I prefer homemade hummus, I don't always have time to make it.That's when I grab a tub from the store. Our Salads See our Salads. Not just any brand will do though. Costco was sampling this when we went on Friday and I somehow convinced my husband to try the sample with me. Our Tofu See our Tofu. Ah yes, our first flavor. 100% real cocoa gives our new dessert dip & spread a rich, decadent taste that turns anything into a pretty sweet treat. Sabra Is Finally Releasing Chocolate Hummus Just in Time for Valentine's Day Eagle-eyed fans spotted the dessert spread in the brand's Super Bowl ad — and now it's officially hitting stores Call it traditional, call it original, but don’t call it “plain hommus.” This perfect blend of chickpeas, tahini and zesty spices is perfect for any occasion and tastes best when shared. Chocoholics, rejoice! If you’re like us, you’d put chocolate on everything. Plus, it's so easy to make with just a handful of healthy ingredients. Contains sesame. Dessert hummus is still fairly new, so there aren’t too many different brand options yet, but there are several different flavors. Our Pestos See our Pestos. Ingredients: cooked chickpeas (chickpeas, water), sugar, cocoa, water, canola oil, sea salt, natural flavor, vanilla extract, nisin (added to preserve freshness). According to their website, Sabra’s new Dark Chocolate Dessert Dip & Spread will be released just in time for Valentine’s Day.It features a rich, chocolate taste that’s made with cooked chickpeas, soybean oil, cocoa, sea salt, and vanilla extract, among others. Now you can. See our Hummus. Contains Sesame. Our Hors-d’oeuvres See our Hors-d’oeuvres. Hummus is a savory thing so how could it possibly be turned into something sweet and chocolatey? Our Vegepatés See our Vegepatés. This chocolate hummus is a sweet twist on the traditional recipe. It’s hummus gone rogue. It’s also chocolate gone right. See all products. I like to serve it with berries and pretzels for a quick snack. So Much More Than A Dip. The whole concept of chocolate hummus grossed me out to be honest.