Child custody determines which parent will be granted full and long-term decision-making rights regarding a minor’s upbringing. In divorce proceedings, one of the several issues which the Court must make a decision on is that of the custody of the children of the marriage who are below 21 years of age (the minor children of the marriage): Section 52(3)(c) of AMLA. Care and Control refers to day to day decision making as well as who the child would stay with. The Court does not make any ruling on the custody of the children of the marriage who are 21 years or older. Singapore Divorce Lawyer is managed by Gloria-James Civetta & Co, this blog is designed to inform you about Divorce lawyers & the whole divorce procedure in Singapore. This brings up the question: Who gets custody of the child in dissolution of marriage? Ultimately, the court will decide based on the child’s best interest. Child custody matters encompasses the right to decision-making in a child’s healthcare, education and day-to-day activities. However, having custody of your child after the divorce does not mean you would get to live with him/ her after the divorce. Divorce is rarely an easy call to make, especially when children are involved. 1. Family mediator and lawyer Rajan Chettiar sets the record straight. Getting Divorced: Child Maintenance in Singapore Singapore Divorcee's Guide to Relocating Your Child Overseas Filling in a Matrimonial Property Plan for a Singapore Divorce Maintenance of Spouse in a Singapore Divorce Child Custody, Care and Control & Access: Singapore Guide Dividing Matrimonial Assets in a Singapore Divorce Post-divorce. Frequently Asked Questions. Child custody arises when parents undergo divorce proceedings. There is a common misconception that mothers will be granted “sole custody” of the children in a divorce. Joint custody would require the cooperation of both parents in making such decisions. Your child custody lawyer will be able to advise you on what custody conditions you can ask for and your chances of getting what you want. Divorce lawyers will also handle child custody. Many men feel that Singapore divorce law favours women. Issues pertaining to child maintenance are dealt with at the Family Court and not the Syariah Court in Singapore. Question 1: Can men request for alimony? See: Sections 122 to 126 of Women’s Charter (Singapore) Your divorce lawyer can assist by: 1. Whether you get to live with the children on a day-to-day basis depends on the Court’s decision (or parties’ agreement) on care and control of the children. In Singapore, child custody can be applied during a marriage, during divorce proceedings, and post-divorce proceedings. In recent years, the Court has been encouraging parents to continue to work together to care for their children even after a divorce. However, this is not the position at law as the court almost always grants “joint custody”, save for exceptional circumstances. There are two sub-categories of child custody, legal and physical. Here are seven things that Dads should know during a custody battle. What Happens to Your HDB Flat after Divorce… Unsure about your maintenance and child custody obligations after a divorce?