From kids to elders, everyone travels to somewhere daily. Tvisha Technologies Pvt.Ltd Featured among the Top Mobile App Development Companies in India by Selected Firms, Amazon Success Story | the E-Commerce Leader, Tvisha Technologies Named Among the Top 5 Mobile App Development Companies in Hyderabad by GoodFirms, Uber Success Story and Faster Growth Through Mobile Application, Multiple Travel Options Across Thousand of Routes, Excellent Customer Support for solving travel issues, Provides extra benefits (Discounts, deals, and festive offers, etc.). The three young entrepreneurs make the traveling of millions very convenient and comfortable. personalized messages based on their travel habits, transaction value, preferences, App and on-site • Difficulty in scheduling customer communications based on journey dates depending on the IT team. redBus has been at the forefront of solving challenges faced by passengers and bus operators in the intercity segment of bus travel in India Sama felt it like clumsy. booking was sent information about seats availability in that bus via browser push notification. redBus implemented Gamooga's intelligent customer engagement software to help improve relevant However, the first and now the top bus ticket booking platform is RedBus. It started becoming obvious for their marketing team that customers • Difficulty in cross-selling their partner hotels based on the customers’ behavior user clicked on the browser push notification but still did not complete the booking was sent He elaborated how an EEE pass out from BITS Pilani started the country’s largest bus ticketing company. GUI based journey builder and simply lie back. The company’s impressive performance has advocated for the need for the company to transition from a small firm to a large and recognized company. recommendations around similar type of buses. respective customers. Business Challenges Faced redBus is an internet-based business and operates completely online. Redbus today is roaring with success as an online bus ticket booking company with 10,000+ buses, 700+ bus operators, operating in 15 states and sells at least 5,000 tickets daily. Phanindra Sama was the master brain in evolving Redbus. So, they finally proposed the name as the Redbus. brand awareness for redbus was one of the most important challenges faced to this point. reminders & feedback surveys, redBus drastically improved user experience and CSAT scores. We had many buses around for traveling which provides AC and non-AC buses and other types of buses. bus booked etc. But that doesn’t pay off. Gamooga provides a multichannel platform that interacts with redBus’s website, If the Impact: Pre-configured error detection campaigns helped the conversion rates to improve by 30% and Booking of tickets gives a new experience to the travelers as it is an easy and efficient way to buy a ticket. For traveling from one city to another city is provided by private buses which are operated by bus operators under the supervision of travel agents. business operations and provide relevant offers to its members to retain existing customers as well as now eliminated by Gamooga. The challenges they had to face in operating this red bus success story includes: Payment gateway issues; Propagate the same working environment, culture and value system in different countries. continuously onboard new ones. Founded in 2006 in Bangalore, India, redBus today connects various cities across the globe at just a click The most trusted brand from the brand trust report. They tried capturing data on every interaction and started creating a blueprint of who that customer Impact: Cross-channel orchestrated effort saw a 30% rise in partner hotel branding and check-ins. wanted to modify the offers, all they did was update the CSV which had all offers at one place without period of 6 months. during lunch/dinner time and if the destination city is a tourism spot, relevant recommendations on STARTUP STORY OF redBus & CHALLENGES OF INDIAN STARTUPS SPEAKER: Mr. PHANINDRA SAMA DATE: 16th October, 2014 VENUE: Telepresence room ABSTRACT: The interaction proved to be very informative and helpful for all students. Challenges and diversification. across the website. The Redbus success story didn’t end here. Today, redBus is India’s Number One online bus ticketing Impact: Through relevant and realtime dynamic messaging, such as sending bus tracking updates, Such an approach made them face challenges like: The paper discusses the challenges faced the Indian travel Industry and the challenges encountered by redbus. The journey begins when the three engineers left their comfortable and affluent zone. Each time they to re-visit their website and as a result, website/app sessions grew by more than 50%, the funnel So, instead of starting with the campaign, they decided to start with The Redbus success storyfounded with the three key people Phanindra Sama, Charan Padmaraju and Sudhakar Pasupunuri. They started it in August 2006 with only one operator, 5 seats with 5 lakh rupees. In January 2006, the three started working on the solution. Challenges: The Redbus success story prolonged its operations across various countries besides India are Colombia, Indonesia, Peru, Malaysia, and Singapore. Get a Free Quote to Build & Manage your App..! RedBus became the world’s largest online bus ticketing organization having 8 million customers selling 75 million tickets ... Phanindra also mentions that coming out the comfort zone and started facing the real world standing in front of the gates of companies marketing their products and convincing bus operators about the idea and the support. Traveling is a necessity for everyone. In fact, was founded by three engineers -- Phanindra Sama, Charan Padmaraju and Sudhakar Pasupunuri -- who studied together at the … Mobile innovation award from the eye for travel. Leveraging the customer data from multiple sources, and gathering insights using Gamooga’s powerful And another reason is as it is online based and for the people’s convenience they want to put the easiest and catchy name for their Redbus startup story. Here are some specific challenges that Gamooga helped redBus overcome, resulting in 40% increase in brand value and CSAT scores. him back on the same page where he left the site. Solution: Each city had different online bus booking offer with different coupon codes. to people at an individual, 1:1 level. Once the bus reaches the destination city, a feedback App, call center, etc. To automate this entire journey, product team had to heavily depend on IT team which is city selected etc. results of previous promotional campaigns that were typically based around the campaign calendar.