There are a few things you can do. See if they have had it perk tested in the past. Sometimes this helps but can be expensive to have the ditch dug. You can also install an above ground or partial above ground septic tank with a pump installed you are looking at $5000+- for everything. If the land doesn't perk, there was a perk test already done and recorded with the county. Our land barely perks. The problems is not the solids, but the liquid. Here if you can't pass a perk test you have to get a tank storeage for your waste , which has to be pumped and hauled on a regular basis. Without a septic system, there can be no dwelling of any kind. You may be able to dig a drainage ditch around the property to remove excess water. Sometimes you can get around this issue if you’re willing to spend more money on an engineered system or a raised sand bed to help resolve the drainage issue. Get a perk test. The first step is don’t panic. I also wonder how true it is that the land doesn't perk b/c that guy would probably NOT want the land sold to someone who is going to farm it themselves. JavaScript is disabled. You can also install an above ground or … We have a right to it, derived from our Maker. Find an engineer or company that specializes in alternative septic systems. All Rights Reserved, This website uses cookies which are necessary for the function of this website and for a better user experience. Make your offer contingent on being able to install a suitable septic system. You can build structures that don't have plumbing and therefore don't need drains. Our house sits on four acres of granite with just a few patches of topsoil here and there. Before you buy. We get the 1500 gallon septic tank pumped every three years. Good luck to you in your property search! ", Second Media Corp., 111 Peter Street, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. Basically, you dig a hole some shallow depth, 2 feet I think, pour water in it and time how fast the water drops 1 foot of depth. Just because your property failed a perc test doesn’t mean you can’t build anything on it. Dumping a bowl of warm water with active dry yeast and sugar down your sink drain will help jump start the bacteria that break down your waste. I can't remember exactly where I read it but, there is a Reader's Digest book dealing with home care and repair that gives instruction on how to do a perc test. What happens if your land doesn't perk? If it were me I would call a local building contractor and see what he thinks is the best route. So, If you plan on building a home on raw land, I say unless you know somebody that knows somebody or you’re handy yourself, then don’t buy land that will not naturally perc. Without a successful perc test, there can be no septic permit. Note: I encourage you to do some research yourself on Perc (or Perk) testing. Thankfully, the guy that farms it drove up to see what we were up to. Now, I am find myself reading all that I can about country life. Okay, DH and I just looked at an 18 acre parcel of land for a good price (and I"m always suspicious of a good price -- what's wrong with it?). Or you could build and connect to a nearby sewer if … Seven years later we have had no trouble at all. A forum community dedicated to survivalists and enthusiasts. I am by no means an expert, but only sharing what we’ve learned over the past year and … So, we live in a land of zero septic. Sure you can. City girl asks this question.... what does it mean if the land doesn't perk? What that does, bretandteri, is to determine how fast water drains through the soil. Don't feel bad -- neither DH nor I knew what in the world the guy was talking about when he told us. Contact the county health department, they will do a Soil evaluation and or perc test. Sometimes you can get a package deal on all excavating done, septic, water, foundation excavating. Soil can drain, If it doesnt perk, you can put in a lagoon or a arobic system. Have a perk test done. Ok just because a land does not perk does not mean you cannot build there. Without a septic permit, there can be no septic system. If the owner can't build a dwelling of any kind, the … It makes me happy and feel in control. The "soil scientist" was pretty lenient with his test results because he knew that an area could be built up artificially where a leach field would work.