Another plus: its beautiful pale yellow, red-centred flowers. cactus plants pots. There are two large groups of cacti grown as houseplants; both are popular and familiar, and both can thrive indoors with relatively little maintenance. Pink-red flowers appear in summer at the stem tips. Plant it inside in a bright spot or somewhere warm and sheltered in the garden, such as by the north-facing wall of a building, preferably protected from winter rains. 60. Then try one of the big bad boy cacti, such as Echinocactus grusoni, commonly known as the golden barrel cactus. Cactus and Succulent Plant Mall. In the wild they avoid the attention of thirsty grazing animals by appearing as a pair of stones. Quick view Auckland Closes in 14 mins ... San Pedro cactus 2.05m total in 3 stems Start price. $429 - $719 until sold. It loves as much sunlight as it can get, but if outdoors, resents summer temperatures below 21 degrees C. If spines don't appeal, look at its less prickly cousins. "Fred" Double-Mutated Unstable Crest form "FCM" clone ($99 Res or $299 Buy Now), "Fred" Triple-Mutated Crest Variegata form "FCMV"clone ($99 Res or $399 Buy Now), Indoor large Jade or Money plant. $10.00. The power of flower Lampranthus spp are best known as iceplants, though its Latin name means shining flower. 8 trendy succulents and cacti to grow in New Zealand. Tall tails but true Sedum morganianum aka burro's tail or donkey's tail hails from Mexico and the Honduras, and is best planted to show off its trailing habit, in a hanging pot or on a shelf, where its plaited-looking stems can drape up to 60cm long. Save ... beautiful succulent plants ( Blue Rose ) Start price. It tolerates light frosts but not prolonged damp. We are based in Kaiapoi Christchurch. Providing form, colour and texture, they add interest to difficult-to-fill hot, dry, sunny places in the garden. Originating from Mexico, it will (eventually) grow to a 1m diameter ribbed globe. Cactus Outdoor is New Zealand made clothing, backpack and accessories for people who love to work and play in the outdoors. It can soar to 10m, and puts out those classic Western movie arms. Wairere are highly regarded as an experienced growers – our wholesale nursery and business has been established for over 15 years. With their charming markings, subtle colours and diminutive size, they are best appreciated close up. 2. We sell the most beautiful potted succulents & Cacti, Air Plats, Kokodamas & Globe Terraniums across NZ. It will not tolerate temperatures below 5 degrees C. 4. Drape it over banks or in a rock garden. The South African Crassula falcata is called the aeroplane propeller or airplane plant. Rentals $109 - $229. Sedum morganianum aka burro's tail or donkey's tail. NZ Herald An amateur cyclist has been left in excruciating pain after crashing into a cactus plant. Use the smaller ones as groundcover. 1. From our tough as canvas trousers and shirts for tradies to our tramping packs, industrial clothing, ski gear, bike gear and lifestyle clothing … Soft-hearted The slowness with which Hoya kerrii grows is a downer for some, but others can see that it gives them all the more time to get soppy over the heart shape of its leaves (thus its popular name, sweetheart plant). They continue to rise in popularity as they fill terrariums, living walls and concrete planters and with their interesting mix of textures, colours and sizes – … listings, showing First class One of our most common genus of succulents are the echeverias, a large American family usually distinguished by their rosette forms. 3. Buy Now. Plant it inside in a bright spot or somewhere warm and sheltered in the garden, such as by the north-facing wall of a building, preferably protected from winter rains. $9.99. Get your car in front of 250,000+ buyers daily. No Reserve. Growing to about 25cm tall by 10cm wide, its prominent ribs create an almost star-shaped ball or oval. Do you have a plant that perfectly matches your star sign? 6. While it relishes full sun, avoid too hot a spot indoors as it is prone to drying out. Another impressive yet amenable cactus is the statuesque Euphorbia ammak, from Saudi Arabia and Yemen. Buy Now. They come in all sizes and shapes and can be grown indoors or outside. Mary Lovell-Smith / NZ Gardener 02:00 ... * Plants for renters, apartment ... commonly known as the golden barrel cactus. When it grows too big for indoors, plant it outside anywhere sheltered from winter rains. Get stoned Lithops reach perfection in their simplicity. Add a cluster of tiny scarlet flowers in summer, a potential height of 60-plus centimetres, a cold-tolerance to -6 degrees C, an ability to perform in full sun to part shade, and it's a winner, indoors and out. Each year, a new pair of inner leaves grow and the old ones wither away. District. This South African native thrives on dry sandy areas and can be used as a trailing groundcover. Outside, the larger ones are great statement pieces. Cacti and succulents are undemanding plants to grow. Echinocactus grusoni, commonly known as the golden barrel cactus. Today, Christmas cacti are available with blooms in red, pink, purple, and even yellow. Indeed, a small-leaved lampranthus covered in daisy-like blooms is a stunning sight in spring.