Amazon Prime; Returns & Replacements; Manage Your Content and Devices; Amazon Assistant; Help; English United States. Print your label and return authorization. Amazon has earned its reputation by making online shopping fast and easy, and package delivery free, but the same can't always be said about its return process. Sourced From Amazon Liquidations Here you will find an assortment of customer returned merchandise from the returns center, fulfillment center merchandise and consumer electronics and appliances - all sourced from Amazon Liquidations. It really depends on what you want to buy. The longer the retailer’s return period is, the worse the quality the returns may be. Liquidation platforms buy returns from Amazon and repackage things. If you choose to return using Amazon Hub Locker, you'll be prompted to select an Amazon Hub Locker location. If you find the right places to buy Amazon return pallets and if you buy the right pallet, you have a great chance of being successful. Far better for a lot of things, to be sold via market stall etc, rather than on Amazon/Ebay and so on. Most would agree that Amazon has made it pretty easy to return and exchange items, which is convenient for us as consumers but has also fueled another interesting world of reselling. If you return an item using a paid method, we'll deduct the cost of return shipping and restocking fees from your refund. If the return is the result of an Amazon error, we'll refund your return shipping costs up to a maximum amount. All it takes is a little common sense and some hard work! Sadly Amazon corporate always has the same answer. Thank you for the ideas. When looking for a source to buy truckloads of Amazon returns online, resellers need to check what Direct Liquidation can do for their business.At Direct Liquidation’s online liquidation marketplace, resellers can find customer returns items that have been sourced directly from Amazon’s distribution centers. “We do not sale out return products” yet I buy them by the truck load every day. But I understand about the volume, however I am really sure that you can buy a few truck at a time. For more information about returning an item to an Amazon Hub Locker, go to Return a Package at an Amazon Hub Locker. Returns are actually quite easy to make money out of. Buying Amazon returns is an interesting side cash opportunity that will only grow as online retail grows. You need to be very careful as to exactly what you buy. Some returns don't require you to print a label or authorization. If you choose to ship the item on your own, you'll pay the carrier when you ship your return. I had another affiliate do that.