Please review this article for additional details of the components of business architecture discipline. … Both. Solutions Architects Perhaps it’s misleading to use “versus” to describe the difference between enterprise architecture and solutions architecture. People searching for Solutions Architect vs. Enterprise Architect found the articles, information, and resources on this page helpful. I agree with Philip.. in that the role of Business Analyst can lead to the role of Business Architect, as one becomes more senior and operates at the higher strategic levels. Well? A business architect is NOT an enterprise architect. Enterprise Architects vs. The Public facing BEA web site is located at The latest version of the BEA, released by the DCMO, dated March 31, 2017, is BEA 11.0. However, because business architecture is an integral part of enterprise architecture, there are many commonalities and overlaps – at least as far as the business … In a world where organizations are increasingly data-driven, any ambition to scale will inevitably scale with the complexities of the systems involved too. Business Architect: Dispelling the myths and misperceptions. Technical Architecture vs. Enterprise Architecture – Which One Do I Need? Business Services Architecture and Enterprise Architecture 12 of 50 Business Architecture Re-use Key elements of the Business Architecture may be produced elsewhere The enterprise mission, vision, strategy and goals may be produced as part of a wider business strategy or enterprise planning activity with its own life-cycle in the enterprise. But it’s one that needs to be given, because we’re asking the wrong question. There has regrettably been some contention between business architects and enterprise architects in the past and still today. Enterprise Business Architecture components include business capability maps, value streams, process models, systems and applications, data, structure, and roles. It’s a straightforward and somewhat vague answer. The Office of the Chief Management Officer (CMO) annually produces the Business Enterprise Architecture (BEA) to help defense business system owners and program managers make informed decisions. Why are Business Capabilities a vital part of Business Architecture? They are very much collaborators in the organization and should not be looked at as competitive in terms of which provides more value. How Enterprise Architecture and Business Architecture Fit Together.