CodyCross - Medieval Times - British novelist, creator of Gremlins - Known Letters. Q: Antique Paper For Documents A: Parchment. Q: A Bomb Is An Device A: Explosive. It will challenge your knowledge and skills in solving crossword puzzles in a new way. british novelist brothers' surname — Puzzles Crossword Clue. Nick ..., British novelist of About a Boy. CodyCross is without doubt one of the best word games we have played lately. Q: Planting Pot For Ledges And Sills A: Window box. Find the answer to the crossword clue "The Gremlins" author. It was Dahl's first book and was written for Walt Disney Productions, in anticipation of a feature-length animated film that was never made. The solutions provided here are reviewed and 100% Correct! New Zealand-born British novelist best known for The Herries Chronicle. A rare first edition of Roald Dahl's book, The Gremlins, is due to go under the hammer in an online auction. Given Clue. The Gremlins is a book written by Roald Dahl and published in 1943.. British dance company founded by polish dancer; Us-born british novelist who wrote books including the portrait of a lady, what maisie knew, the wings of the dove and the golden bowl; British novelist creator of gremlins; British novelist barbara __ British critic and novelist known as q, … The game is beautifully illustrated and every level comes with new designs that will make you want to play even more. Search We have 1 Answer (s) Refine the ... British novelist, creator of Gremlins. Q: King Arthurs Legendary Sword A: Excalibur. British Novelist, Creator Of Gremlins Answer from Puzzle 3 Group 237 of Medieval Times World of CodyPress. 1 answer to this clue. Crossword Clue Solver - The ... British author, notably of children's books, d.1990 British ... Screenwriter/novelist Roa Upset, fooled by Latin storyteller Willie Wonka's creator Willy Wonka creator Willy Wonka's creator Writer in bloom having to drop empty idea Q: British Novelist Creator Of Gremlins A: Roald dahl. British Novelist, Creator Of Gremlins Antique Paper For Documents __ Park, Home Of Greenock Morton FC Formal Name For Veterinary Surgery Sao __, Large Brazilian River, Velho Chico Planting Pot For Ledges And Sills __ Baird, Scottish Inventor Of The Television Rebecca Novelist, Daphne __ Schedule Moorish Cocktail Popular In Southern France Q: Charlie Higson Wrote About This Juvenile Spy A: Young bond.