The best months to boulder in Little Cottonwood Canyon are September - December and March - June. Visit this site for continuously updated information on the bouldering available in Boulder Canyon. Offering a good variety of sport and traditional climbs, you … The rock type is granite, and mostly textured but smooth in other places, so it is important to wear technical climbing pants that are well-designed, versatile, and breathable. Boulder Canyon Rock Climbs. Find climbing areas and routes in boulder canyon bouldering and discover photos, user reviews, and detailed route info like climbing type and grade Crags mere minutes from downtown. ©2018 by Big Sky Canyon CLingers. The rock varies from crumbly shale to sharpe quartz and sandstone. Use the links to the right to locate problems in given areas. Happy Bouldering! The Boulder Canyon Bouldering Blog. Proudly created with I will be reworking the format of the site and am always open to updates and news. Cherry Creek cut out a narrow canyon that holds some of the area’s best climbing and bouldering. There are several bouldering areas around Ogden. Need a guide or a class? BOULDERER. Logan Canyon has great sport rock climbing, boasting over 400 bolted routes, ranging from novice climbs to one of Utah's highest-rated routes. Chris Watts climbing The Big Guy V3, Swamp Boulders, LCC Must-Do Boulder Problems. Boulder’s variety of terrain, sunny weather and avid climbing community make it a world-class rock climbing town. No entry fees. Contact me via this blog,, or Facebook if you have problems you want included. With adjacent Dream Canyon, also covered here, it’s an all-season, granite-lover’s paradise. Sport and traditional climbs 5.4 to 5.14. The easiest problems in the area are in the Fountainbleau Area: Rocket Ship (V1+) and the east slab on Rocket Ship (V0). Visit Cache Valley Visitors Bureau, (800) 882-4433 or (435) 755-1890. More than meets the eye Bouldering is a form of rock climbing that is performed on small rock formations or artificial rock walls, known as boulders, without the use of ropes or harnesses. Bouldering Season. Wikipedia JUST A LITTLE BETA. Castlewood Canyon is a great outdoor bouldering area to the southeast of the Denver Metro area. Boulder Rock Climbing. Top Boulder rock climbing areas include the iconic Flatirons, the granite crags of Boulder Canyon and the legendary walls at Eldorado Canyon State Park (or “Eldo” to locals). Now presenting the 3rd edition of our guide to Boulder’s most-loved climbing area, Boulder Canyon! A nearby canyon, known as Dream Canyon has also become popular for climbing parties. Rock climbing in Animal World, Boulder Canyon, photo: Josh Montague.