Blackjack player moves. Today, blackjack fans can feel like playing at a genuine Vegas casino without leaving a comfortable chair, and this is now possible at live casinos that deliver real time video streaming right to a gambler’s device. Two things that you need to watch out for, though, include getting 3:2 payouts on natural blackjacks (instead of 6:5) and the dealer standing on a soft 17. Comme dans une partie de blackjack dans les règles de l’art, le live dealer blackjack (ou croupier) utilise en moyenne 8 jeux de cartes au cours d’une même partie, afin d’éviter le comptage de carte. Interaction with dealers The Live Blackjack games provide a live chat function which enables players to interact with the dealers during the gameplay. Stand – This means that the player prefers to stay with the two cards dealt initially. Some Live Dealer blackjack games feature an innovation called Bet Behind, which solves the problem of limited table space. Actually you can just use a perfect strategy chart (that we provide, of course) while you play, to ensure that the house edge on you will be less than 1%. Live dealer blackjack is by far the best game to play, after you master the basic strategy of it. Live Dealer Blackjack provides many features you just won’t find on traditional “virtual” table games. Visit our live blackjack comparison section to see which software provider offers the best odds. Live dealer blackjack is a breakthrough solution for blackjack fans that has emerged due to advanced Internet and media technologies. A Blackjack provides the players with an option of making one of the below moves by indicating each with distinct hand gestures. Certains casinos en ligne proposent des espaces de black jack live encore mieux développés : des tables de jeu adaptées à plusieurs joueurs. Inside a land-based casino, only a handful of players may sit at a blackjack table – the same goes for Live Dealer games. In live dealer blackjack games you can hit, double down, or stay in the comfort of your favorite chair, couch, recliner, or bed. You can find a strategy card online and use it while you’re playing live dealer blackjack games. Yes, you use the same strategy to win in live dealer blackjack as you would in regular online blackjack games. The live dealer blackjack game action is always exciting, and there seems to always be a free spot to join a live dealer game. However, live online blackjack appeared relatively recently but has already won worldwide recognition. In fact, people played blackjack with a live dealer as early as the 17th century and it was popular in all gaming halls in Europe. This is your game and you get full control of the environment. Sure, it’s a little slower and if you’re a grinder who likes to play multiple tables at once then you may be more limited. As in a land-based casino, the game is managed by a professional croupier, not a random number generator.