This set of all natural custom cut birch wood logs makes a cottage chic home decor accent in your space. Yellow Birch is much harder to split than the others and dries slower due to its high sap content. Large Birch Fireplace Log Set (5 Logs: 3''-5'' Dia. Add to Wish List. Premium selection of mature birch hardwood burning logs. Our logs are all hardwoods including Beech, Ash, Oak and Silver birch. £189.00. When buying birch wood logs for your fireplace, wood burner, pizza oven or outdoor fire pit, it is always important to ensure the firewood has been properly dried. Ready to burn logs for sale. decorating fun and enjoyable! Which makes our white birch safe to store in and around your home. Firewood dries from the ends, not from the bark, so more exposed ends equal to a quicker drying time. The black birch is arguably among the top desirable firewood choices of all wood types. Exclusive offers, promotions, deals and discounts from our store. The density of the wood makes it an excellent firewood choice. Choose from three sizes: 15-16″, 18-20″, & 22-24″. Firewood dried below 20% moisture content. Gives off a good, lasting heat. They are kiln dried to a moisture content of around 15% to 20% and air dried to 20% to 25%. (Birch from other areas in the northern states are often off color, lacking the striking bright white color). From the forests of Northern Wisconsin, you'll love how they add a … Our firewood is clean, kiln dried and split. Often yellow birch shows a nice curl pattern. However, it does burn very fast so is best mixed with slower burning wood such as Elm or Oak. Minnesota White or Paper Birch is the most beautiful natural white birch available anywhere! Every order is packed in a 12" L x 12" W x 18" H box full with split white birch wood. We serve Ponoka, Rimbey, Gull Lake, Winfield, Crestomere, Red Deer, Bashaw & areas. £124.99. x 17-18" Long) Wilson Enterprises Northern White Birch Logs, Set of 8. Firewood on hiway- 53 located on the Northern end of Gull Lake markets & delivers split, cured poplar,birch, pine & tamarac firewoods in Central Alberta. x 16" Long) White Birch Log … Business: (906) 497-5040 Eco Forest White Birch is a great firewood to burn and is an essential for a right ambience. £149.99. 20KG Box Kiln Dried Birch Firewood Logs . Our Sterling Silver Kiln Dried Birch Firewood is a brilliant mid priced firewood. Copyright © 2008-2020 Birch | All Rights Reserved. Add to Basket. Kiln Dried Birch Firewood Logs Five Barrow Bags. Also known as Swamp Birch, it is identified by it silver-yellow smooth bark. Doesn't spit too much and is good for lighting fires. Add to Basket. We sell top quality kiln dried Birch firewood logs with less than 20% moisture content, bagged for convenience in 30L nets. Our kiln dried birch logs are dried to below 20% moisture content. Order full boxes of our seasoned white birch firewood logs and enjoy time spent by the fireplace or back yard camp fire, without any of the hassle of finding wood! Logs cut, dry kilned, and split with several sizes available. Fireplace Set of White Birch Logs. Add to Basket . Evoke the beauty of Mother Nature with this set of six genuine birch wood logs from Northern Boughs. Yellow birch on the other hand, tends to be a larger tree and exhibits a more consistent golden brown colour, with little creamy white sap wood. Grade: 2: Cherry: Prunus: Needs to be seasoned well. These round logs are cut and dried to preserve the innate ambience offered only by Minnesota Birch trees. We will never sell you a wet log or any logs that fall below our strict quality standards. It grows in the Appalachian Mountains. Decorative Logs is dedicated to providing the highest quality kiln dried logs for purposes of display in fireplaces and alcoves. Birch: Betula: Birch is an excellent firewood and will burn unseasoned. The yellow birch, or swamp birch, is identified by its silver-yellow smooth bark. Wilson, MI 49896 Yellow Birch. Wood will be approximately 18" long x 2" -3" diameter. This optimum moisture content gives you a much cleaner, hotter, consistent burn with little smoke. You will enjoy a clean, hot, consistent burn with minimal smoke. Our wonderful Birch logs have a sweet aroma and high heat output. 6 Pack Large White Birch Logs for Fireplace Unfinished Wood Crafts DIY Home Decorative Burning (Logs:2.4"-3.1" Dia. Kiln Dried Birch Firewood Logs 50 Nets. £214.99. We also offer the nation's finest in kiln dried white birch and basswood products for use in home decor and craft projects. Wilson's produces the highest quality, handmade, and freshest Christmas wreaths and garland. It's good to burn Buying firewood is good for woodlands! It is also known as Mountain Mahogany, Sweet Birch … Established in 1985, Wilson Enterprises is a family owned and operated business located in the heart of Michigan's beautiful Upper Peninsula.