Sanders for Paint Removal. (Also known as an orbital sander, circular sander, pad sander, and quarter-sheet sander) This type of handheld sander is smaller than a disc but offers a wide variety of uses. You can even sand … There is no such thing as a do it all tool. 4. It is primarily designed to remove paint … The perfect paint stripping result depends on the tools that you use. Power sanders are great tools to help with the removal of old peeling paint. Read also: 10 Best Sanders for Furniture Refinishing. If you can only afford one sander a belt sander … Your efforts can be wasted using the wrong tool. It is better to use coarse 60-grit sandpaper to start the sanding with the orbital sander that moving over a large area at a time. Stationary Sander. Each type of sander has very specific uses. This article will help you choose the best sander for removing paint. The amount of effort spent sanding depends on the sander used. Sanders remove paint in two ways. You will find an expert review of the top performing sanders for paint removal … Sand Off Paint Process. Then, vacuum the sanding area with the shop vac to see the first result of the sanding process. For small parts—anything from custom shelf brackets to painted-over hinges to small blocks or even art projects (I made a candleholder for my wife out of a knot that fell out of an old Douglas fir joist)—the stationary sander stays still, and you bring the item to it rather than vice versa.