In this guide we’ll look at some of the best mics for recording drums whether studio or stage. Its current price is reflective of its audio quality capabilities. While I would never recommend using your phone to record music, if you HAVE TO, the LGV40 ThinQ is the best you’re going to get. Both are of a solid build. Weymic G109. Stereo - Which uses left and right channels it records the way the sound is heard within the space so when you play in stereo sound the sounds that were on the left play form the left this gives a more accurate representation of the sound within a dimension. Your email address will not be published. Audio engineers sometimes recommend placing microphones two or three feet away from a guitar to capture its true character, which works well in rooms with ideal acoustics. Easily position the capsules to allow for narrow or wide stereo operation. Why We Liked It - The Rode NT-USB USB mic is a competitively priced USB condenser microphone that offers some high end capabilities. + Cardioid polarity. If your budget still happens to be a little lighter the FiFine performs well for its monetary value. The Blue Snowball iCe is a newer version of the well-received original snowball dual capsule USB condenser by Blue designs. Depending on the professional quality you are going for you might want to invest a few bucks for a USB recording microphone. The Samson Meteorite Mic makes for a good option it is a good Blue Yeti alternative whilst it doesn't provide the Tri-Capsule technology and as much control over your options it makes for a great zero latency, large diaphragm, and ultimately a great choice for best USB condenser mic under 100 bucks. Pros: + Ideal for vocal recording, pod-casting, and YouTube video narration. Pros: + Plug and play no drivers required. Final Call – Get Hooke Lav for a Discounted Price from KickStater! You may find it out of your price range. This is great because we get the exact same crystal clear audio of the Snowballs high-quality recording capabilities for a far lower current price. Overhead and room mics are also effective in orchestral recording, creating a balanced stereo recording of full orchestras. Why We Liked It - We included this in our reviews as another budget USB mic alternative in live demo's it does a pretty impressive job, though we daresay it is more suitable for VOIP or narration purposes. Depends on the microphone! + 16-bit, 44.1/48kHz + Fraction of the cost of close competitors. A Neumann U87 is generally going to be the best general microphone for recording in a room. If one mic is all you’re given, can it do the job? It reviews positively with many users singing its praises for the clarity at which it records speech in particular. Pros: + It is ideal USB microphone for Podcasting, teamspeak,and video narration. A few of the higher end models are evolving to be on par with some of the top XLR condenser microphones. Find out about our Product Rating process and policies. Zero Latency monitoring is another desirable quality for self-explanatory reasons. Why We Liked It - It makes for a great entry level mic provides a pretty decent sound without distortion and has no silibance even without a pop filter. A basement? For most uses, you will want a cardioid pattern as typically we speak into a microphone from one direction. It is a typical side-address cardioid condenser mic. They work from the get-go with most digital audio workstations. Below, you’ll find three of the best brands to choose from: Audio Technica – Audio Technica is a highly regarded manufacturer of instrument microphones, offering robust design and reliability in all of their models. + Switchable pickup patterns. I want to setup a single mic in a practice space to record a live rock band. I have the following mics at my disposal: Behringer EC8000 SM81 SM57 SM7 MXL990 LDC Audix i5 Audix D6 The Samson Go is prime example of this trend. This is another inexpensive USB desktop condenser choice. Why We Liked It - This popular USB microphone is a superb choice for audio production, featuring cutting edge technology and fabricated to an expert level. We are proud to provide impartial reviews, helping you find new bands and artists and the best musical instruments and equipment for your money. Here is a list of the best microphones for recording live bands. The low cut switch does a fairly bang up job of removing low rumbles from vocals. It is of a similar size to a blue yeti but has a slightly smaller footprint and wont obscure screens. Best USB Condenser Microphone For Vocals? Why We Liked It - We like Razer have tried their hand at creating a their own product that this is specifically aimed at live streaming use well it has been well thought out and features super-cardioid polarity pattern to allow for switching what you care to pick-up.