Review Date. Where is the evidence? If you are looking for quality drum overhead mics on a budget, these are the best overhead drum mics available! I've also used R-121, C414, CM-7GT (surprisingly good), C451B (little too bright), SF-1 (fabulous!). 15 Best Overhead Drum Mic Reviews and the Best Overhead Drum Mic Brands. While there are many microphones on the market some are better aimed towards those who play the drums and wish to record them than others. U87 can work, 4050, MC012 can all work. 5 of the Best Overhead Drum Mics Available Rode M5 Compact ½” Condensers. 4038 with a pultec set broad 10k and open it up. At least when the room is high enough and the ceiling is diffusing the soundwaves. A drum overhead mic stand is generally used in recording studios, practice spaces, and on stage. I assume that because it was hyper cardioid that maybe it blocked out other noise. The Shure SM-81 … Obviously two very different flavors. A combination of stereo overheads, close mics on each drum, as well as room mics seems to be the doctor’s orders for a … AEA R84 out in front for low-mid body and amazing resonant tone, Josephson C715 above the kit for shiny cymbals and really quick attack, Microtech Gefell M1030 behind the drummer/over the shoulder for the "you're sitting at the kit" feel. Of those, I'd say the 414 is most versatile. This list gives you a great place to start for some of the best overhead drum mic options. C414 is my preference. I don't know why this worked so well, but I recently used a Beta 87a. They have really big, clear drum sounds. Prairie Sun Drum Overhead Mic Shootout Mid-Side Technique with MK-012 and KM 88 Best $200 Drum Overhead Mic Overhead mic shootout: STO-2, ... but rather like two mono drum kits, one playing in each ear. I love that sound and that's what pushed me towards mono OH. I have always felt that the best drum sounds are achieved when there is a seamless marriage of the close-mics and a stereo pair of overhead mics. I like a KSM32 placed directly over the kick pedal facing straight down , but as low as possible , out of the drummers way of course . This is the best choice currently available in the market at the best price. When we think of professional drums being recorded in a studio our mind usually draws up images of complex mic techniques utilizing anywhere from 8 to 12 (or more) microphones. I have not yet worked with ribbons as overhead (should have tried that though) but I can imagine that will give good results. Been doing a lot of mono drums the last couple months for a couple different artists and in-house productions. If you just have one mic as an OH and no room mic, can i suggest you use a proper pressure sphere omnidirectional microphone? It's a little less in you're face and for me has worked better when being mixed with close mics. Black Keys use an M88 as drum overhead? I'll third the STC/Coles 4038 almost over the snare and just high enough to get some of the cymbals. There should be but one drum sound, not a collection of mics that are mixed together. Smooth and full sounding. There are lots of good ones. I love my Cad m179 too., Chips and Cells Mixed by Sugar Lung on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free,, Pictures Of Mic'ed Up Drum Kits In The Studio, Already have an account? The next best thing for that sound that I have used was the Telefunken 251. I love the KSM line. And as has been said before, you cant go wrong with the Coles 4038. But hey, try it and see. It's not as simple as placing a mic on each drum and two more above the kit, and bringing up the faders. Shure SM81-LC. Maybe it’s just right for your production. One of the best I've tried is a modded Oktava 319, directly over the drummer's head, at a slight angle toward the kit. This song was recorded with a mono u87: Depends, of course, on what you're looking for. What do you think is the best Mono Overhead Drum Mic. Best Mono Overhead Drum Mic? Reviewed Item. Checking the mono fold and seeing how much of the snare and kick we lose can be pretty revealing. I have done quite a bit of work recording drums with just a mono overhead and usually a kick mic. 4038, definitely solid. Neumann M150, TLM50, etc., if not an original M50. It depends on what you're looking for (obviously), but I'm a huge fan of the 4038. Create a username and password below and an account will be created and your post entered. in a recent soundonsound interview the BK's engineer said he used a shure ksm141 'out front' in a sort-of GJ config....but then tchad blake mixed the record and said he beefed up the drums with samples i wouldn't be too guided by the latest black keys thing/sound and the mics used! Great for indoor use.… I just used an SM81 as mono overhead and it sounded really good. In the 60s and 70s however, Glyn Johns who engineered albums by The Who and Led Zeppelin pioneered a 3 mic drum recording technique where he’d simply use 2 overhead mics combined with 1 kick drum mic. AKG Pro Audio C414 XLII (Editor’s Choice) An evolution of the legendary AKG C414, the C414 XLII is … This matched set of drum overheads have a wide frequency response and deliver a natural true-to-life sound. Setup will be a breeze and you can begin making a great sound in no time. These types of stands can get the microphones up very high and provide very stable support for heavier large condenser microphones.. Finding the best drum overhead mic stand can be difficult, as local music shops normally don’t carry these types of stands; you usually will need to order them online. Blonde on Blonde sounds like it's just a mono OH and occasionally a kick mic. The metal die-cast units are ultra-rugged and feature gold-plated XLR connectors to ensure the highest signal integrity. Those mics just have a way of putting everything in your face like nothing else I have ever heard. Best Overhead Drum Mics. The modern drum mic set up takes advantage of many purpose-built mics. Not saying it sounds like them 100%, but the artist was very happy with the vibe we captured. We personally spent around 34 hours just to found the best overhead drum mic for you that you can truly fall in love. Usually the drums are panned left or right. I have a sample of it in this post named "CAPI-Drums-BehrADA8000.wav" . Sometimes, one mic is all you need to get the results you want when playing your drums. As most ribbons are figure-of-8, reflections from the ceiling could affect the mic sound in a bad way.