The big drum mic is for kick bass / low COMPACT AND VERSATILE: Pyle Pro drumset microphone kit is designed for just about any set of drums or other musical instrument like percussion UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY: Each mic is designed with standard thread of 3/8" or 5/8" to match all types of mic stand and a standard XLR connector to The best kick drum mics in the market. Best Drum Mic Kit 2019. The kick out microphone is the one we’re most familiar with. For your ease and convenience, we have listed quite a number of them and left you with their pros and cons as well. So without further ado, let’s take a look at the best Drum mic kits 2017. The Shure SM57 is the industry standard snare drum mic, and a high performing choice for toms, whilst the Beta 52A kick drum mic is a renowned, premium selection for kick drums. A common kick out microphone is the Beta 52 from Shure. We made sure to choose a mic from each budget range for some options. The Audix D6 Sub Impulse Kick Drum Mic is a dual purpose mic, with specs that work amazing for both in-studio and live performances. As well as one special type of condenser microphone (a “boundary microphone”) designed to be used inside of the kick drum itself. 1-Lewitt DTP Beat Kit Pro 7 The majority of the mics you just heard are under $200, and only two of them are over $400. Senheisser 421s for all toms. Without a doubt, the sound of the kick drum has a huge impact on concert sound and on records. Today, we are going to help you select the best drum mic kits you can buy currently in the market. The first microphone on our list is this sleek mic by Audix, one of the best microphone manufacturers around the world. Back in the 90s I worked in a studio and the drums were miked with a 57 on the snare aU47 fet on the kick and a pair of neuman 84s for over heads. My kick in mic literally stays inside my bass drum all the time and I haven’t had to pull it out once since installing the Kelly SHU. To top off the list, we list our favorite mic kit that gives you more than one solution if you want your entire setup to be recorded\projected. Best kick drum mics are the Shure BETA 52A, Audix D6, and the Shure Beta 91A. These are some of the best drum mics around, and represent the industry standard for recording drums in live applications as well as in the studio. Characterized with a cardioid pick-up pattern and a frequency response of 30Hz-15kHz, the D6 instrument mic is an ideal choice for kick drum. Getting a great kick drum sound is far easier when you have the right mic. There are a few options in this list for great dynamic drum mics for kick drum and floor tom. The best Kick drum mic. And the best part about getting a new kick drum mic is that it’s so affordable. Below is our list of the best kick drum microphones in the market.