Back and side sleepers however will get on absolutely fine, with any firmness and on any top layer, the ideal candidates for a hybrid mattress or any type of mattress really. You do have to rotate it once a month for the first six months – no mean feat with no handles – and it’s probably not the best for those who toss and turn, as your partner may feel some of that movement on the other side of the bed. The hybrid of foam and pocket springs is ideal for back pain because of the pressure relief memory foam gives you on your pressure points and the responsive feel of springs to keep you mobile and comfortable through out the night. The result is a more supportive yet bouncy sleeping surface than its cheaper counterpart, though not quite as decadent as the pricier version. With the Nrem, he reported that the support is phenomenal, with no need to compromise on comfort. Forget memory foam – this has reactive foam that responds to movement, so there is never a moment when the mattress isn’t completely moulded to your body. But my favourite part might be the value for money, not only do you get £300 off but this mattress has a year-long trial period and free returns if you don’t like it. Want an ad-free experience?Subscribe to Independent Premium. The best memory foam mattresses 1. Or a nice extra firm mattress? This is a mattress from the Hydro Gel collection, it’s high-quality build is reflected in the 5-year warranty and luxury quilted cover not to mention the comfort of the fillings inside. Sizes available: UK single, UK double, UK king, UK super kingMattress depth: 25cmMaterial: Memory foam and full-sized pocket springsTrial period: 100 nightsGuarantee: 10 years. Sizes available: Single, small double, double, king, super kingMattress depth: 29cmMaterial: Pocket sprung and natural fillingsTrial period: 100 nightsGuarantee: 10 years. On some occasions, we earn revenue if you click the links and buy the products, but we never allow this to bias our coverage. Now, if you know you like a softer or a firmer feel then, by all means, go for it but if you don’t know then play it safe and stick with a medium-firm. Our tester had been at his wit’s end with back ache, despite having tried other expensive mattresses that promised to work wonders. Sizes available: Single, small double, double, king, super king, emperorMattress depth: 25cmMaterial: Memory foam and springsTrial period: 100 nightsGuarantee: 10 years. Despite the name, this newly launched model is the third mattress to join Eve’s hybrid range and it falls right in the middle on price, depth, support, number of springs and layers of foams. This customisable mattress is a great idea for couples who need different levels of support when sleeping. While the lighter hybrid version is 20cm thick with three layers of foam (but no memory foam), and the premium hybrid is 28cm thick with a whopping five layers of foam, this one sits nicely in between at 25cm thick with 800 full-sized 12cm springs (in a double), combined with four layers of memory and support foam. Indefinite Your partner can roll over to their heart’s content without you feeling a thing and it’s treated with anti-bacterial, anti-dust mite and anti-fungal protection. It’s cooler than most, though, so not for those who get chilly at night. Sizes available: Single, small double, double, king, super kingMattress depth: 25cmMaterial: Memory foamTrial period: 100 nightsGuarantee: 10 years. These are individually wrapped springs that work by moving individually giving you the support where you need it without just generally moving down underneath you. Or if you want a pocket spring mattress and want to screw the foam and leave it out altogether then that’s fine too, you want to have a look at this article. Sizes available: Single, double, king, super kingMattress depth: Dependent on foam insertsMaterial: Responsive memory foam and springsTrial period: 100 nightsGuarantee: 10 years. REM-Fit Discount Voucher … This isn’t to say that it’s bad for back sleepers and it certainly won’t bother you if you occasionally sleep facing upwards, but we think there are better options for those who regularly sleep on their backs. We found it squidgy yet responsive and very good at keeping sweat at bay. BLACK FRIDAY (2020) SALE: 35% OFF on orders over £300. Made from three layers of foam, it’s on the softer side which is strange, as the manufacturer calls it firm. You don’t need to flip this mattress, although rotating it once in a while is a good idea, and unlike many pocket mattresses sagging over time is minimal. The USP on this bed-in-a-box mattress is the 365-night trial, meaning you have an entire year to decide whether it’s right for you, and if you do keep it there’s a lifetime warranty. Sizes available: Single, double, king, super kingMattress depth: 20cmMaterial: Memory foam and customisable layerTrial period: 60 nightsGuarantee: 15 years. Happy Beds Cashmere 3000 Pocket Sprung Memory Foam Mattress, Relyon Memory Superior Ortho Support 1500 Pocket Mattress, Read more about back pain mattresses here. And finally, with have the 15cm of pocket springs which are held between two foam layers to provide excellent support and feel of a memory foam mattress with much more bounce. There’s no dipping in the centre and the material moulds to your shape as you move. Price & Reviews. We also like the S shape of the core that mirrors the natural curve of the spine to support you in all the right places (head, shoulders, hips and legs) no matter what position you sleep in and even when you rotate it. It’s also worth checking your mattress for wear and tear, although do be aware that the signs of needing a new one aren’t always visible. You can trust our independent reviews. and if your hips pushed the springs down it’d be pushed down under your lower back which can lead to pain, instead of pushing down at your hips and pushing down a lot less at your back for a full-body support system. Simba Hybrid Mattress – £549. So you can take it home, decide it’s not for you and send it back 12 MONTHS LATER. Whereas 99 per cent of mattresses in the UK contain chemicals, wool is naturally flame retardant, so there is no need for any at all. If ever you’ve taken a sneaky peak at a mattress you’ve loved in a posh hotel, there’s a good chance you’ll have discovered it’s a Hypnos. You won’t disturb your partner if you toss and turn and it’s exceptional at keeping sweat at bay, thanks to the added wool (another advantage over the original version). Best hybrid mattress for sleepers in a box: Leesa Hybrid Mattress; Best hybrid mattress for side sleepers with higher body weight: The Big Fig; Side sleeping is the most common sleep … My last recommendation is to always look for pocket springs. Start your Independent Premium subscription today. While side sleepers can get on great on a memory foam mattress this hybrid choice gives you the support you need and bounce of a spring mattress. Our testers loved how little movement you could feel from your partner during the night, and during the 100-night trial, which is standard for most bed-in-a-box mattresses, you can swap inserts. Next, you have the pocket springs, all 2500 for a truly luxury feel that cradles your body from head to toe giving you full-body, edge to edge support.