The prolific plants will be covered in small, shiny red peppers. Knowing what kind of pepper to put in your sauce is key to mastering a variety of recipes you may wish to sell to hot sauce lovers around the world. published Aug 7, 2014. Your ultimate HOT pepper guide where you’ll find tips for growing and caring for peppers and the best varieties to grow, plus a treasure trove of recipes to preserve and cook with hot peppers.. Answer: There are hundreds of different hot pepper varieties out there, with a huge diversity of heat levels. Tabasco peppers require 80 to 100 days to reach maturity; they grow best in hot, humid weather. A Guide to Common Hot Peppers. ... s a guide to the 4 most commonly sold chile peppers so that you can buy the appropriate one at the market that will best suit your cooking needs and heat sensitivities! Orange Habanero Peppers Best Peppers For Chili. (Image credit: Christine Gallary) 1. Today’s peppers are stronger, more intense, and some are downright painful to the taste buds. The peppers listed below can be used fresh and are delicious! by Christine Gallary. Jalapeño Peppers Hot peppers Are some varieties better than others for growing here in Pittsburgh? Serranos; Jalapenos Every good hot sauce starts with a good pepper. The iconic smoky, vinegary hot sauce is made with Tabasco peppers grown on tiny Avery Island in southern Louisiana, about 140 miles west of New Orleans. Chili can be a very complex dish filled with all kinds of flavors, from mild to hot or fresh to smoky. I didn’t include common smoked or dried peppers, such as chipotles or anchos, because those require preparation.