You can eat a few raw onions once every 3-4 hours or use them liberally in cooking your meals. One of the worst parts of a cold is the effect that it has on your sinuses. Another double-blind study found daily supplementation of aged garlic extract may enhance immune cell function. A focused diet can help you feel better fast. A spoonful of sugar may help the medicine go down, but it's even better if a spoonful of sugar IS the medicine. Of course, that is always the best option to get the benefit of clearing congestion that ginger provides. Best Ways to Cure a Cold Fast Overnight (Treat a Cold) 1.) Use these spices liberally in your cooking or add them to the morning oatmeal or soups. In one study published in The Cochrane Library, adults who received a placebo came down with nearly three times as many colds as those who selected a daily garlic supplement. Garlic is a very powerful aid against cold. Just pick it up from your local grocery store and give it a shot. If you're sick and tired of being sick and tired, these surprising cold remedies food can help you get better soon. Oysters. Lots of studies have been done to gauge the effect of zinc on cold symptoms, with varying results. Dana Corriel, MD and an internist, recommends taking a zinc supplement as soon as you notice symptoms of a cold to stave off getting full-blown sick. They're an easy snack to munch on between hot showers and lots of rest. Both hot fluids helped relieve stuffy noses, but chicken soup did a better job. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center there are over 1 billion colds occur in the United States annually and children average 3 to 8 colds per year 3.A healthy dietary lifestyle can help prevent and treat the common cold 3. People have suffered the common cold for centuries, and historical remedies range from the banal to the bizarre. The steam helps ease your congestion by loosening mucus thereby making it easier to clear by blowing your nose. Medications used to treat common cold symptoms simply alleviate typical symptoms, such as nasal congestion, fever and body chills, but they do not shorten the length of the cold 2. These are the best foods to eat when you have a cold, so you can ease cold symptoms and boost immunity, according to a nutritionist. It has sulphur-containing compounds, allicin and allion, which have antiviral properties and are known to boost your immunity. To get your zinc fill, toss back a couple of oysters; they're the best natural source of zinc. Medical professionals do recommend that you spend about 10 to 15 minutes in a steam shower, up to 3 times … For hundreds of years we've sniffled, and we're still no closer to finding a cure. A handful of almonds is both preventative and therapeutic for the common cold, but you have to eat them whole. Pumpkin and sesame seeds: They’re high in zinc, which is known to boost immune function.. Banana: High in vitamin B6, which boosts the immune system, bananas are full of loads of other nutrients as … A study in the journal Pediatrics found that children who ate 2 teaspoons of honey 30 minutes before bedtime raw reduced frequency and severity of their nighttime coughing and an overall better night's sleep than those who didn't take the honey. Lots of studies have been done to gauge the effect of zinc on cold symptoms, with varying … One important purpose of antioxidants is they contain flavonoids, which work to reduce damage to cells and also boost the immune system, both of which are necessary when you're suffering from a cold. Interestingly, a double-blind study by Iranian researchers found a combination of honey and coffee to be more effective than a steroid medication and a placebo at relieving symptoms among adults who had suffered a persistent cough for three weeks. A study in the journal Microbiology Letters found that polyphenols—disease-fighting compounds found in the skin of the almond—can increase the sensitivity of white blood cells known as helper T cells, which are involved in fighting off viruses. Strawberries contain anthocyanins, which not only give this fruit its amazing red color, but they also contain properties that offer anti-inflammatory and antiviral benefits.