Today, the word challah is used to describe the beautiful loaf of braided bread that appears on Shabbat tables all over the world. You make it look so easy! Yes, it does take a little time – a few hours from start to finish – but hardly any longer than a simple loaf of Amish White Bread and definitely not as long as a babka (incidentally, another braided Jewish bread, though I don’t make it on regular basis like I do challah). An instant-read thermometer inserted into the bottom of the bread should register 180 degrees and come out Don't have a stand mixer? The reason this is the best challah bread is not only that it tastes delicious, but it is easier to make than it looks. They always came out too heavy and only tasted good warm. Punch the dough down (literally, just stick your fist right into the center of the dough and push it down), then cover it with plastic wrap and let it rise again for another half hour. I’ve never tried to make it but this time I will; can’t wait! thanks Amy, never came close to a six-strand braid before, usually made the challah from 3 strands… Stir in the oil and 4 of the eggs (reserve 1 egg for an egg wash after braiding), with the remaining sugar and salt. This post was originally shared on Feb. 2, 2017. Your challah loaves are so beautifully braided! Let sit until foamy, about 5 minutes. Sure, you can buy loaves of challah bread at a decent bakery. Next, move the 2nd strand from the left to the far right. X Search. I know it might sound intimidating, but you will be surprised at how simple challah is to make. Roll each piece into a 20” long rope, about 1” wide. This post may contain affiliate links which won’t change your price but will share some commission. And if you really struggle with it, you could always just do a three-strand braid and call it good. Place dough  into a greased bowl and let rise, covered, until doubled, 1 ½ to 2 hours. On a lightly floured surface, remove dough and and divide into 3 equal pieces. Any leftover bread makes the perfect slice for french toast. Love the brown glazed color you have on these challahs – Looks perfect. I’m including two pictures to show how the braid progresses, but the process explained in the numbered steps above is entirely shown in just the first collage. Your braid is likely to be fairly long and skinny at this point, and that's completely normal. This Challah Bread recipe makes two of the best, most gorgeous braided loaves you will ever eat! It's time to put your braiding skills to good use! ©2020 House of Nash Eats Design by Purr. Challah is a rich, traditional Jewish bread served on the Sabbath or to celebrate holidays. I hope you convince people to try it! This is my 1st challah & it’s beautiful & delicious!! The pictures really helped. In the bowl of a stand mixer fitted with the dough hook, add flour, remaining ⅓ cup sugar, and salt and whisk to combine. Proof the yeast by dissolving it the warm water with the tablespoon of sugar In a large bowl until foamy, about 5 minutes. Place the strands side by side and pinch the tops together. Now move the outside LEFT strand over two strands to the right. Could I just make the bread using only half of each ingredient? Wet your hands lightly to help pinch together, if necessary. Your email address will not be published. Have you made this yet? Add yeast mixture, oil, and eggs and mix on medium speed until a smooth dough is formed and pulls away from the side of the bowl, about 10 to 15 minutes. Starting with the outside right strand, move it over 2 strands to the left. This is a recipe and tradition I hope to pass down to my girls. Turn the dough out onto a floured surface, and knead until smooth and elastic, 8 to … There is nothing like a loaf of fresh, homemade bread piping hot right out of the oven. I enjoy exploring the world through food, culture, and travel and sharing the adventure with mostly from-scratch, family friendly recipes that I think of as modern comfort cooking. It sounds harder than it really is! This totally gets my inspired to make this again! Next, take the outside left strand and move it over 2 strands to the right. Learn how your comment data is processed. Beat the remaining egg and brush half of it on loaves using a pastry brush. Continue until bread is decorated with seeds. The braid shouldn't come undone - you are just evening out the shape here to make your loaf look nice. Beat egg, water, and sugar together and brush over risen dough. I cant wait to try to make this for our Easter Overnight French Toast where I USED to buy the Challah bread!! Sounds awesome and I have actually been looking for a good recipe for something like that!