The Orthodox Church acknowledges that unity does not mean uniformity. They are grouped into nearly a dozen ecclesiastical jurisdictions. for those following the Julian Calendar), the same calendar day as the Roman Catholic Feast of the Assumption of Mary. They are attracted to the beauty of her worship, the purity of her Christian faith, and her continuity with the past. This feast, which is also sometimes called the Assumption, commemorates the death, resurrection and glorification of Christ’s mother. Luke Loukopoulos Parish Council PresidentTerry Akerly Parish Council Vice President Evan Marlangoutsos Parish Council Secretary George McCoy Parish Council Treasurer Dean Cerrone Ryan Glasspoole Konstantinos (Kosta) Kalasountas Dena KarlisPeter Latsonas Loukas LoukasTheodore (Ted) Moutzouris Demetrios Pantazopoulos Ted Vlassis, Proistamenos - Presiding [email protected] Assumption of the Theotokos Cathedral 4610 E. Alameda Avenue, Denver, CO 80246 Phone (303) 388-9314 Fax (303) 329-6337. Like the first Apostles, they carried with them a precious heritage and gift. While the Archdiocese enjoys a good measure of internal autonomy and is headed by an Archbishop, it owes its spiritual allegiance to the Church of Constantinople. It has recently been transformed into St. Photius' Shrine by the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese. The second definition, which is actually the more preferred, is "true praise." One of the original buildings in which these immigrants gathered for religious services is still standing. At Alameda Avenue, turn right, going East for about two blocks. The spirit of Christianity which was nurtured in the East had a particular favor. Orthros - 8:00 amDivine Liturgy - 9:30 am. While Christianity in the West developed in lands which knew the legal and moral philosophy of Ancient Rome, Eastern Christianity developed in lands which knew the Semitic and Hellenistic cultures. While the Orthodox Church contains individuals from numerous ethnic and cultural backgrounds, the majority of her membership is composed of persons who have been born in America. An ever-growing number of persons from various backgrounds are becoming interested in the Orthodox Church. The Orthodox Church believes that she has maintained and handed down the Christian faith, free from error and distortion, from the days of the Apostles. He has acted decisively to make this ancient faith of the Apostles and Martyrs a powerful witness in contemporary America. An ever-growing number of persons from various backgrounds are becoming interested in the Orthodox Church. Among the various bishops, the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople is accorded a "place of honor" and is regarded as "first among equals." Someone will be in contact with you as soon as possible. The key to this title is that Jesus Christ was always fully divine even inside of a human womb, not that St. Mary is the source or mother of divinity. The president of the synod is known as the Patriarch, Archbishop, Metropolitan, or Catholicos. Please review our Church calendar or contact the church office at 303-388-9314 if you have a question regarding any of these services. The Greek Orthodox Cathedral is located at the intersection of Leetsdale and Alameda, about two blocks east of Colorado Blvd. Fr. They, too, made a great contribution. In our Western Hemisphere, the Orthodox Church has been developing into a valuable presence and distinctive witness for more than two hundred years. Pete Thomas Nicholas (Niko) | Facilities ManagerKenny Bland | Assistant Facilities [email protected], Sarah Akerly | Executive [email protected], Diakonessa Claire Zinnis | Receptionist/[email protected], Bill Buettner | Staff [email protected] Fr Nicholas Billiris (1957-1970) at the Assumption of the Theotokos Parish. There, the great Fathers lived and taught. Source: Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America. Each church is independent in her internal organization and follows her own particular customs. The first Greek Orthodox Christians arrived in the New World in 1768, establishing a colony near the present city of St. Augustine, Florida. She is the Theotokos (Mother of God), meaning that Christ was not just fully human when He was given birth to, but rather He was also fully Divine. From I-25, take the Colorado Blvd exit and drive North. From the Orthodox perspective, Catholic means that the Church is universal and also that she includes persons of all races and cultures. Please keep in mind if use any method other than phone it will take some time to get into the hands of the appropriate person. The next group of Orthodox Christians to emerge on the American Continent were the Russian fur traders in the Aleutian Islands. To our current parishioners, we hope it will provide you with the assurance that your sacrificial offerings are received with profound respect, and are utilized to maximum effectiveness. Since the Early Church was not monolithic, the two great traditions existed together for more than a thousand years until the Great Schism divided the Church. She is the vessel in which the Second Person of the Holy Trinity “took flesh” and became (a) man, in order to bestow salvation on the human race.