Supporting Materials Needed. Instead of using candy apples, I used red, yellow, and green miniature pom poms from a craft store. Let’s have fun sorting the apples with these exciting activities. APPLE FIX THIS!!! Sorting the apples by color activity is actually sorting by shape. Confusing for kids. It’s a great learning activity for circle time so that all the children can participate at … But before we cut into our apples, we sort and graph them. This activity could also make a great simple circle time activity. Thanks so much for all your hard work. Print onto card, cut out and laminate to make our apple sorting by size activity stand up well to small hands. You will need the three printables ( small and large apple trees, and the sheet of apples), scissors, and a laminator. Color activity always wins my children! Montessori-Inspired Apple Activities Prepared Using Free Apple Printables. This is so fun because while it looks kind of simple, kids always love to sort things. I just have one issue. On the Apple Watch, you’ll also see the current sort … Apple Themed Sorting Printables. Oct 2, 2014 5:48 PM Reply Helpful. Apple Counting. I like the ability to sort the activities in Safari (not sure if the option to do so was available before iOS 8) but Safari refuses to safe my sort. For the apple color sorting activity, I used the free Candy Apple Math Game from No Time for Flash Cards. This happens with 1Password and the standard Apple activity icons such as print and copy as well. In the iPhone Activity app, this is done from the Sort button in the top-right corner, while on the Apple Watch Activity app you can force touch (press hard) while viewing your friend list to access the option sorting options. This fun Apple Counting, Worm Hole Punching activity combines counting with strengthening and improvement of fine motor skills as well as hand-eye coordination. I would suggest putting down sheets of colored paper instead. The kids will love sorting these colourful autumn-themed pictures into big and small groups! More Less. Apple Color Sorting Activity. You may also want a dish to hold the apples before sorting. Today I would like to share with you our current simple Apple printable: the Apple Color Sorting mat!. That’s a lot of learning in one simple, easy-to-prep activity! To prepare the learning, you would need to pull out these supplies : Kids-friendly scissors; Glue Below are a few of Apple themed sorting activities. Print and cut out the pictures and the sorting mats too, then ask the children to sort the pairs by size. I put together this apple graph activity with free printable cards as a way for us to add some simple color recognition and math to our preschool day. This post contains affiliate links. Bright colorful images always bring out a cheerful mood. Autumn Big And Small Size Sorting. Angela, I love your apple activities. Gather your materials.