It goes into far more detail than we have here. color: ; Each line has a number, and when a program is RUN, the computer executes each line in numerical order from least to greatest. Logo - easy educational graphic programming language; M. Magic Window - one of the most popular Apple II word processors by Artsci; Merlin 8 & 16 - assembler (II & GS) Micro-DYNAMO - simulation software to build system dynamics models; MouseWrite and MouseWrite II - first mouse based word processor for Apple II (II & GS) O If you’re following along without a real Apple II, open a new browser window to the Apple ][js emulator. , Copyright (c)2010-2020 & Dr. Kenneth Buchholz, Click on the PDF file you would like to view/download. Let’s break it down line by line: Now that you’ve had a taste of typing, listing, running, and breaking a program, let’s take a look at one that can do something with the input you give it. If everything looks okay, it’s time to run your program. This clears our last program from the memory, so we can start fresh. First, type NEW , and press Enter (Return). The above article may contain affiliate links, which help support How-To Geek.