, , Aha Plants Dabur English Oven Protinex I have taken Amul processed cheese cubes and Britannia cheese slices in consideration. , , , , Fanta Waffle Wallah Organic India , , , , Pepsi co , , Nestle , , Opera Uncle Chipps It can boost up your muscle mass, so the ones who are looking for a healthier option than the protein shake can choose cheese. Amul Gouda Cheese is renowned for its typical delicate mild fruity flavour and sweet taste. Mishriq McCain Soulfull , Jujube (Ber) Uttrakhand , The Amul cheese 100gm slice pack contains 5 slices of cheese that serve as a great trial pack for all those who have been aloof from the delicious world of Amul cheese, before taking the actual plunge into the world of Amul cheese. , , Comprehensive nutrition resource for Amul Cheese Slices. Keggs , 4.1 (177) ₹114. Hershey's , , , , , M&M Nakheel Alya , Amul Cheese has a very rich heritage and is an established brand. Wingreens Farms It is delectably creamy and superior supply of vitamin A, protein and Calcium. Amul is a leading dairy product brand for ages which supplies the wide variety of dairy products of best quality and taste. , , Pillsbury Baked Beans in Sauce , , Quaker , Doritos , Pepsi , Elpozo Rasna , , Teabox American Garden , , , Chekko Further, Tex Mex Salsalito , , Yoga Bar , , Inactive , , , , , , Harvey's Thanks for your interest. , Tulsi Japanese Choice It has some proven benefits, regular consumption of cheese helps to make your teeth white and strong, protein is cheese has in muscle building, it also develops bone health and saves from a problem of having osteoporosis in future. , Focaccia - Rosemary, Capsicum & Olive ITC Sapphire , ,