a Lamborghini’s exhaust blows off their clothes. Within a few months, the apartments — notable for their floor-to-ceiling windows, modern kitchens and living spaces, and common areas that include a pool and hot tub — became a recognizable backdrop to the most popular Vine videos. Naturally, he recorded the conversation for his vlog, before he moved to the building next door. Some are comedians, some are models, and some are famous for being famous. His escalating stunts in March alone included dangling a $20 bill from his balcony using a fishing rod to tempt passers-by, rigging a zip line over Hollywood Boulevard to send gifts to fans camped outside and pretending to be shot as fans watched in horror outside his window. Elevate your workout routine with three weekly fitness classes led by expert instructors then exhale with a stretch in the peaceful yoga studio. Sponsors like Guess jeans pay her six figures for promoting their products. LOS ANGELES — On any given day, something crazy is likely to be happening at 1600 Vine Street, a 550-unit apartment complex in Hollywood. “I thought he was joking,” he said. In June, Bri and Katie Teresi, sisters and swimsuit models, moved into a small one-bedroom apartment, paying $2,700 a month, after they got a taste of what being around other influencers could do for them. And in June, management went further and now requires residents to seek permission before shooting any video in common areas. A year ago, the actor Ray Diaz had only 5,000 followers on Instagram, even though he was a regular on “East Los High,” a show on Hulu. LOS ANGELES — On any given day, something crazy is likely to be happening at 1600 Vine Street, a 550-unit apartment complex in Hollywood. But she said she could understand why many of the big stars had moved out. It is also a magnet for bizarre behavior that doesn’t exactly make for good neighbors. He signed a lease on the spot, needing to prove only that he and Mr. Burr could afford the $3,700 monthly rent. A few of the early stars moved into this contemporary, amenity-rich complex, above a Trader Joe’s and between Jimmy Durante and Clark Gable on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. (Don’t Be Shy.). Ultimately, the $500 million West River redevelopment project will include 1,600 new residences, 1,000 of which will consist of affordable housing, plus … “Eventually, you need somewhere to go and not post about your life for a second.”, Inside the Hollywood Home of Social Media’s Stars. The origins of 1600 Vine as a social media launching pad are rooted, appropriately enough, in the video platform Vine. Then one day, while he was lifting weights in the building’s gym (a friend of his lived there), he met Ms. Pons, a 21-year-old YouTube comedian with 20.9 million Instagram followers. It also breeds a certain kind of cliquishness and backbiting. Hearthstone Housing Foundation and Klein Financial brought in … DivcoWest and Klein Financial have co-owned other local properties, including 1600 Vine Apartments in Hollywood last year. These days, Ms. Cerny is in the top tier of influencers, with 18.8 million Instagram followers and 1.1 million subscribers to her YouTube vlogs, the popular YouTube format that marries a daily diary with the artificial drama of reality TV. Success stories like Mr. Diaz’s are the reason wannabe influencers continue flocking to 1600 Vine, paying anywhere from $2,500 to $15,000 a month. Mr. Offer with the Teresis. Ms. Pons invited him to appear in her video “My Big Fat Hispanic Family,” a skit about introducing a boyfriend to her eccentric family and friends. Her goofy comedy sketches were a hit, and she moved into 1600 Vine to be closer to other Vine stars. Taylor Offer and Parker Burr moved in last year hoping to befriend social media stars not for their own fame but to promote their sock company, Feat Socks. “As a business expense,” Mr. Offer said, “this place pays for itself.”. “People kind of look at you and just see the numbers.”, One influencer told him that he was following too many people on Instagram. It wasn’t long before 1600 Vine became the place to be. The building at 1600 Vine functions as dormitory and studio lot for some of the internet’s biggest stars. Rejected by agents for a lack of experience, the former model started making Vine videos. Residents of 1600 Vine include, from left, Katie Teresi; Gregg Martin, an actor; and Taylor Offer, an entrepreneur. The video has had more than 12 million views, and soon Mr. Diaz became an influencer on his own, reaching more than one million Instagram followers a few months after it was posted. “But he was dead serious.”. “That’s considered laughable for most people here,” he said. It remained that way even after Vine shut down in 2016.