May as well give it a try though so take a look at some of the themes and categories below. If you're interested in my take on a Knight tribal build I've been thinking a lot about Kenrith 5/c Knights, so if you want me to explore that in a column please let me know in the comments. Would you like to change the currency to Euros (€)? Grand Architect: A mana generator that can only be used for artifacts but is also a blue creature anthem. An extensive amount of mana that can come in quite handy to chain off multiple artifact spells and abilities at once. I think you can get there with artifacts and you can get there with enchantments. I'm going to resist the temptation to try to make Warlock Tribal a thing (it isn't). Alela, Artful Provocateur. I recently built and played an Esper combo deck that was able to combo off with a combo that would do the trick perfectly for Alela, so I'm going to go with artifacts. With Jhoira, Weatherlight Captain the payoff was card draw. I should note that while I tried to give you a pretty robust list, I probably left out some key removal. With Alela, the payoff is an army of 1/1 Faerie Rogue creature tokens. Alela can still be a super fun deck without that, but this version of eggs is all about going for the combo win. I always enjoy wins that are a little less dependable than just casting and pinging everyone with an infinitely large Walking Ballista. The combo would require infinite mana, which we would probably get from the "Dramatic Scepter" combo or from using Deadeye Navigator and Palinchron or Peregrine Drake to untap our lands. Last winning deck. Tournament. Illustration done for Magic the Gathering. She gives your other flyers +1/+1 and whenever you cast an artifact or enchantment spell, you create a 1/1 blue Faerie creature token with flying. It’s a bit difficult if there is a shuffle effect from an Eldrazi Lord like Kozilek, Butcher of Truth and it only hits one opponent at a time but it’s a low-cost colourless combo. There are a number of pieces to this puzzle. Edit. Everflowing ChaliceMishra’s BaubleUrza’s BaubleBloodforged Battle-AxeChromatic SphereChromatic StarConjurer’s BaubleDispeller’s CapsuleExecutioner’s CapsuleConqueror’s FlailSword of the AnimistUmezawa’s JitteFaith’s RewardOpen the VaultsTezzeret, Agent of BolasTezzeret, Master of the BridgePuresteel PaladinSram, Senior EdificerJhoira’s FamiliarVedalken ArchmageKuldotha ForgemasterTidespout Tyrant, Hall of Heliod’s GenerositySerra’s SanctumFlickering WardMystic RemoraFavorable WindsGlistening OilDetention SphereEstrid’s InvocationNecromancyOath of LilianaReplenish, Blinkmoth WellWinter OrbCrystal ShardStatic OrbClock of OmensSmokestackUnwinding ClockMemory JarContaminationFrozen AetherKismetOppositionFall of the ThranArmageddonRavages of War, Dire UndercurrentsWhip of ErebosMystical TutorTamiyo, the Moon SageTeferi, Hero of DominariaVenser, the SojournerSerra AscendantSolemn SimulacrumVenser, Shaper SavantTorrential Gearhulk, Nim DeathmantleDramatic ReversalIsochron ScepterAshnod’s AltarKrark-Clan IronworksPhyrexian AltarPower ArtifactTransmute ArtifactGrindstoneSword of the MeekThopter FoundryRevel in RichesAngelic RenewalTeferi’s ProtectionPainter’s ServantPhantasmal ImageGrand AbolisherJunk DiverWorkshop AssistantPhyrexian MetamorphTeferi, Mage of ZhalfirDeadeye NavigatorSharuum the HegemonSun TitanMyr BattlespherePalinchron, Field of the DeadThrone of the God-PharaohOketra’s MonumentIdol of OblivionBident of ThassaIntangible VirtueDictate of ErebosCathars’ CrusadeDivine VisitationAjani’s PresenceSecure the WastesSynthetic DestinyLingering SoulsElspeth, Knight-ErrantSerra the BenevolentElspeth TirelTezzeret, Artifice MasterElspeth, Sun’s ChampionSoul WardenSoul’s AttendantAuriok ChampionDaxos, Blessed by the SunOphiomancerEphara, God of the PolisOdric, Lunarch MarshalYawgmoth, Thran PhysicianThunderclap WyvernGod-Eternal OketraGrave Titan, Faerie ConclaveRadiant DestinyKindred DiscoveryHeirloom BladeDoor of DestinyCoat of ArmsHypnotic SpriteMetallic MimicQuicklingBrazen BorrowerSprite NobleVendilion CliqueFaerie ArtisansFaerie HarbingerGlen Elendra ArchmageKnacksaw CliqueMistbind CliqueRankle, Master of PranksSower of TemptationWydwen, the Biting GaleFaerie FormationPuppeteer CliqueOona, Queen of the Fae. The most effective decks are ones that are streamlined and know what they're trying to do. Mirran Spy will let us untap any creature we can target (itself included). We're in black so we should be able to tutor for what we need and get something that will trigger on any artifact whether or not it's a creature. The payoff with Alela on the field is that we'll create an arbitrarily large army of 1/1 flyers. We want to do it again and again and again (and again). Grindstone mills 2 cards from target opponents library and if they share a colour repeat the process. Your stock of treasure tokens from Smothering Tithe, all your mana rocks, all equipment you may have, it’s a devastating hit that can be done. Edit Live Edit. Nim Deathmantle + Ashnods’s Altar: Any creature that enters the battlefield and generates 2 extra bodies can create go infinite with this. These two combo plans have decidedly different cores. While the ability to generate this 2 mana for artifact spells and abilities by tapping a blue creature is a bit limiting it just so happens that the faerie tokens Alela makes are blue. My counter to that would be that we'd find ourselves removing some pretty valuable things to make room in our deck. Similar Deck Space Auto-suggestions. Palinchron + Deadeye Navigator: Untaping seven land with Palinchron’s enter the battlefield effect and then blinking it for 2 mana typically nets you 5 mana The alternative is using Phantasmal Image as it only takes six mana to copy Palinchron and bounce it which should net 1 mana each instance. Tormod's Crypt will give us a little graveyard hate. We can also cast a 2-drop mana rock like Mind Stone or Thought Vessel with a cost reducer out so it only costs us one mana. I like having an excuse to go heavy on mana rocks and I think it's probably a more efficient and viable build, but I can see both as being interesting and fun projects. Trading Post: An astoundingly useful card that shows it’s value in full with this deck. Forum. If you're just playing for fun, why not do that? There are a number of directions we could take Alela. Sacrificing Sun Titan triggers Angelic Renewal which you sacrifice to bring back Sun Titan which brings back Angelic Renewal. Arcane, Azorious, Dimir and Orzhov Signets will work this way as well. The fact that I've already played the former and haven't played the other two options surely plays into how I'm feeling about this list. Likewise, if we were able to bounce a permanent to our hand it wouldn't do us much good if that permanent was one of the auras that makes us want infinite mana. You would draw your deck and presumably hit a wincon along the way. With multiple keywords and abilities which lean towards certain themes and strategies, it’s a lot to focus on just one. Card Kingdom 5002.30 - 6074.84 . I will put a disclaimer here and say: This also isn't high power cEDH level combo.