Do IKEA still sell this desk at this price? From the user's standpoint Ikea's desk is more solid, comfortable, and looks better. Can someone confirm if the ikea table is stable when going up and down with a monitor? Then, when I move into a more permanent place, I’ll hopefully be able to get a proper desk and this one can move into the dining room where it belongs. Aldi is selling a similar desk in 2019. Available from 1 February 2021 *Eligibility Condition Apply, Brita Maxtra+ Filter Cartridge 5 Pack $25 @ Kmart, Free Turning Peel and Cover with Purchase of Gozney Roccbox Pizza Oven $799 Delivered @ Gozney, Bosch UniversalAquatak 135 Pressure Washer $199 Delivered @ Amazon AU, OCD ONA 58.5MM Coffee Distributor V3 - $151.20 + $8.95 Delivery (Free Syd Pickup) @ Coffee Parts, Philips Hue Play Ambiance Kit $149 Delivered (RRP $241) @ Amazon AU, Mammafong Flat Bottom Carbon Steel Wok $60.99 (with Coupon) Shipped @ Mammafong Amazon AU. Your desk could be as low as 63cm total height. I got the 150cms one, curve, and is sturdy, quality and damn heavy :). Overall cost less than $300 for motorized desk. I got the L shaped bekant 2wks ago. Crossdude44 on 03/06/2020 - 12:48 ... We have both Aldi ($199) and Ikea ($249) desks in our home office. Items in your basket are reserved for another. Every time I see the photo, it reminds me of patient desks in the hospital. that is the 120cm i thinkg rictee talking about 160cm ones = 270$, Any way it seems it's in Adelaide and they don't delivery…. It's a part of the whole Aldi experience. Goes to lower than 70cm (I'm 157cm tall and can put to a low enough height to put my feet flat on the floor and not have the desk too high). You will need a drafting chair. An ikea linnmon desk doesn't even reach my hips. There was literally nothing available because most places had been cleaned out when everyone got sent to work from home. my seat already at the highest and i still need 68cm…. i dont think this is a great choice for work/gaming idk do people stand up and game? but real minus is they dont have height memory/preset. haven't you done any previous hand actions before ;) lol, Maybe he was referring to old-school car window winder…. I bought one of these few years ago (before the Ikea skarsta was available) and agree. I know it increases stability but I've slammed my knee's into too many of those to go there again. Edit: don't really have any other recommendations, sorry - we gave up on the idea! This 2020 Desk Planner is the ideal purchase to ensure you don't lose track of your busy schedule! I have a laptop and 27" and a 32" on either side. @caprimulgus: Agree - I have the idasen (same size) too and am loving it! But point made, shorter people would have less of an issue with the bar. More bait deals to get people in the door…. The ikea one is already known to have wobble as its not that stable. Order your groceries for Christmas via Click & Collect. thats normal, @B3: always confused, i am a metric person…, @ChiMot: LOL Plus, if you get a nice perch stool to complement your desk, you can just leave it at standing height and comfortably switch between standing and perching without the need to be sitting :). The min desk height of 75cm is way too high for me. Is not horrible, it does the job, but i ended up buying another one (omnidesk), and what a difference. SOHL Furniture provides stylish home goods at even better prices. Thanks for sharing about the ikea sit/stand desk. I don't think you get a better deal from Aldi, even if their price is lower. Edit: OK I found it - SKARSTA 120*70cm @$249. 100kg = 0.1 tonne, mate. Find 2020 Desk Planner at ALDI. Correct - 100kg = 0.1 tonne. I remember looking at the Ikea Bekant electric ones a while back but there are a lot of negative reviews online about the motor/mechanism failing. 5'1" here and I have issues with the bar. With trusted materials and fabrics, it's perfect for every room in your home. The Aldi Special Buys catalogue this week can be subscribed to here and you can read all about the Aldi November 2020 specials including their Super Savers and Special Buys for November. Fyi, I recently bought the Ikea one too, in the bigger size 160x80 $269 and can confirm it's really solid, and frame/legs are really heavy. They have a weight limit usually, mine was 100kg so should be able to switch the table as long as everything else falls in tht limit. ToolPRO Safe Case Small, Black $9.99 (was $34.99) @ Supercheap Auto, [VIC] Free BBQ Safety Pack from Energysafe Victoria, Dual Motorised Height Adjustable Desk Frame with Cable Management Rack $339 + $14.95 Shipping (68% off RRP $1078) @ Groupon, Victorian Energy Compare - $250 Power Saving Bonus. I got one from officeworks and it has been alright. Some are perfect and rigid while some are super wonky. It's 155cm. Last Updated on September 30, 2020. Nah for me, I bought my own sit and stand desk from badback. maybe i will get this (I was happy to pay the extra money to avoid the wobble and potential motor failure, but YMMV). Thinking about getting the Matrix from officeworks, how are you finding it? But thanks for the link. Have the larger Ikea one (160x80) - well worth it for $70 more. 600 depth for a desk is sort of too shallow? I assembled them both and can confirm that Ikea's quality is definitely better. 6'2 is tall only less than 10% of the population would be taller than that. wrong feet to cm calculation, @lyl-Lychee: Not trying to be rude but with 5'1" height…any desk will be a standing desk :), @Fvistr0: 5.1 is 177cm right?