It's produced by a reputable brand - AKG is a microphone brand that is praised for producing high quality, stable and durable accessories and microphones. Please check the fields highlighted in red. However, with AKG this isn't the case, their products remain affordable while leaving you feeling assured that they don't lack on quality. A switchable 20dB attenuation pad allows recording of loud sources of up to 156dB SPL. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. However, AKG eliminates this concern by providing a microphone that has been robustly and durably constructed to withstand the harshness of extensive day to day use. It is also likely to withstand frequent transportation without becoming easily damaged too. Finding the right equipment is essential in creating the most desirable, high-quality vocal or instrumental output. It uses the same capsule as AKG’s C414B microphone – which is often considered a “must-have” mic in top studios – however the cost has been reduced by … This also helps to capture the finer details in each recording. The C214 professional large-diaphragm condenser microphone has been designed as a cost-effective alternative to the high-end C414 family. Not only does it handle vocals particularly well, but it also works effectively in capturing instrumental recordings too and can be used on stage or in the studio. For this reason, the C214 is popular for recording vocals in particular as it solely focuses on the noise in front without the distractions of any unwanted noise that surrounds the side and back of the microphone. This is further benefited by the addition of the storage case so you know where your microphone is at all times. Although this impacts the versatility, it also enhances the particular vocal sound. However, with AKG this isn't the case, their products remain affordable while leaving you feeling assured that they don't lack on quality. As a cardioid microphone, when in use the AKG C214 captures the sound in front of the microphone but rejects any sound that can be heard from the back or side of the microphone. Please contact them to ask about shipping. Additionally, this microphone is both scratch and impact resistant too so it is durable enough to withstand the effects of extensive use in different environments. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc, or its affiliates. Some recommended products may use affiliate links. Oops, looks like you forgot something. However, thanks to the integrated suspension this issue needn't be a concern. For musical enthusiasts, the AKG C214 Microphone is highly unlikely to disappoint in satisfying your needs. Hey! The major difference is that the AKG C214 polar pattern is single. Whether you're looking to record vocals or the sounds of a range of instruments, the AKG C214 serves its purpose well as a popular all-round microphone. Additionally, a switchable 20dB attenuator and bass cut filter allow for close-up recording and reduction of proximity effect. Without compromising on its performance or abilities, the C214 is a versatile microphone that is praised for being a strong competitor on the market. Aside from this, it is also suitable for use in both the studio and on stage so you are never limited in where your sound (and microphone) can take you. As a condenser microphone with a 1" large-diaphragm, it functions to capture beautifully detailed sounds whether this is vocals or instruments. With an impressive dynamic range coping well with 13dB of self-noise and 136 DB of maximum SPL, this microphone is perfect for capturing close up sounds and high output sources in particular. An effective cardioid microphone - As a cardioid microphone, the C214 functions by picking up the sound in the direction in which it is aimed while rejecting any sound that can be heard to the side and rear of the microphone.