For some, I pick a main subject and stay trained on them so they are relatively less blurred, and it can become quite a dance. You'll meet inspirational photographers, and discover how they capture the images that blow your mind every day. Andrew Gustar – Kinetic Abstract 500px Blog We all have a unique voice. Sound echoes, but what if light did too? Light moves too fast for us to see any echo but if light were slower or we could perceive the echo what would it look like? ALAN: The ideas behind them? Also, at the end of the day, when I’m reviewing an image, it might trigger a song in my head. A lot of abstract photography is created through ICM, where you deliberately move your camera while taking a photo. One way or another most of my strongest images have a song attached. In some areas, you could even get into trouble for taking street photos. I was in Glasgow taking long-exposures the usual way on a tripod. Scroll down to find out how he came to take this type of photography and what he’s trying to communicate through it. He shoots the constant motion of the street and the ghostly, dream-like impressions everyday life leaves for us when we’re not paying attention to what is going on. MASTERING STREET PHOTOGRAPHY: The definitive street photography book, written by our Principal, Brian Lloyd Duckett, this is packed full of techniques, tips and ideas and is the perfect introduction to the genre of street photography. What’s the inspiration behind these images? Dirty greenhouse roof 2. Street photography can be beautiful, fascinating, and even necessary for photojournalism. Alan Humphris ‘ journey into the world of abstract street photography began with a trip to Tibet in 2000. All rights reserved. There are a few that jostle for attention when shooting…. View inspirational street photographers and get the latest street photography news from What was the idea behind these photos? It captures colours, forms, coincidences that wouldn’t otherwise be viewable. Copyright © 2020 500px. Another is what if when the light reflected by ourselves crosses the path of someone else… then we are forever connected in a tiny way. Always learning and trying different themes: black and white, urban, nature or landscape. Abstract street photography is all about creating abstract and minimalist scenes in which the people become props, or human elements, to support and complete the scene, giving it human interest. So I’m looking for a way to communicate that is personal and gives a different take on the world we have in common. Ever since then, I’ve taken many more, most often in Glasgow and Edinburgh. It’s not always about capturing a precise moment so much as the story there… the feeling of standing where the photographer stood. For example, France has strict privacy laws, which includes street photography. Either way, it’s a fun photography technique to play around with. Published by Finally, what about you? 500px ISO is home to the best photo stories on the web. Hence the tag line I use: “Connected by Light”. There are millions of stunning images in the world, many of which I admire, but I don’t want to re-take them… they’ve been done. Another example would be the recent upload “And she moved through the fair” (above). We feature the unique, crazy, and beautiful stories behind the photos you see on 500px. The actual music definitely affects the images. The best street photography camera settings follow these two requirements. It was then he discovered he had “an eye for it,” as they say, and from that moment on he’s dedicated his time to exploring, developing, and honing the ways he captures moments and memories. From tutorials to collections and beyond, 500px ISO is your go-to source for everything photography. This exploration has treated him well as he’s slowly but surely discovered a style of abstract street photography that immediately caught OUR eye when we first saw it. What are you trying to do by abstracting your images in this way? Then, when moving between locations, I decided to just keep shooting. As with any photo style that really catches our eye, we sat down with Alan to dig deeper and find out more about it. Before we sign off and share some of our favorite images from your collection, tell us a little bit about yourself as a photographer. One is to abstract away the detail so that the images are non-specific… so the scenario is more likely to tug a memory or strike a chord with the viewer. Later when I reviewed the images, I discovered I preferred these… I liked the movement and abstraction. In street photography the aim is to be fast, and get those unique moments. This movement can be quick and random, like camera tossing, or it can be a thoughtful long exposure. I also carry around a few hypothetical “What ifs”, which I don’t believe to be true, but give a kind of backstory to the work. Eine Straßenfotografie: Der Ausblick zeigt uns heute eine Frau, die sich an eine Scheibe anlehnt. Self-discovered sounds rather grand actually… more like stumbled upon. I enjoy the creative freedom and unexpectedness of it all. I started photography in 2007. In… Black & White Street Photography Study Black and White street photography on film is an art form that still lives on today, even though technology has far surpassed it. Kind of like entangled pairs in quantum mechanics. His abstract images do not capture what the scene looked like… instead they seem to capture what it FELT like. Textures. Streetspirits, the title I give my blurred street images, comes from Radiohead’s song Street Spirit which conveys the feel I want to capture well. When I saw the image this track—here sung by Anne Briggs—sprang straight to mind. Alan’s abstract street photography does that for us in the same way that Tim Chadwick‘s beautiful abstract photos of waves breaking made us feel more like we were standing in the ocean than so many other, more typical shore break photographs. I love to capture textures, and they make a great focus for abstract shots.