The rig is very strong. Now only 12.50 EUR! P1-X sim racing cockpit - Silver € 699.00 € 699.00. Go. Operating loadcell brake pedal sets without flex and the same crispness in brake-feel is unparalleled. Pro drivers can race against each other with the same cars but also fans, friends and team members can join from home racing their idols..", With my limited time as a racecar driver I need a sim-racing cockpit that is high quality, sturdy and easy to adjust. First Prev 2 of 3 Go to page . Sim-Lab Products is a manufacturer of high-quality sim-racing related hardware. Sim-Labs cockpit is just that, best what the market has to offer..", For my clients to be able to practice, we use Sim-Lab cockpits for home use. Been looking at this thread the last couple of days now. I'm using a cheap trackpad instead on a mouse, that's in the video too. In the video description there's a downloadable parts list and that includes links to each component in the build. Jeremy from Sim Racing Corner has been designing and building a 40×80 Aluminum profile based sim-racing chassis based on the commercial Sim Lab GT1 Evo Sim Racing Cockpit. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Show surface reflection 5. Oct 8, 2018 #21 I have a couple of short pieces of profile attached to the side of my monitor stand. I forget it's there while I'm racing. FYI I thought i was in my rights as its my post after all. Handbrake mounting brackets; Shifter mounting brackets; Racing equipment. With the modularity of the aluminium profiles and infinite adjustability options, it is suited for everyone's needs and at the same time its ready for any future upgrades. 80/20 is versatile - from machine guards to robotic arms, racing simulators, and workstations, it is a product for individuals, industries, and businesses. This is not simply an 8020 profile rig bolted together with off-the-shelf parts, it has been developed over time by a team who understand and are passionate about sim racing and understand what pro and amateur race drivers want in a professional racing simulator. Supporting 8020 catalog 2. 80/20 Inc. provides a T-slot framing system and resources in your hands to turn dreams into reality. Also it doesn’t take up too much space. Good to know, those are indeed the correct nuts and bolts for your build. Sim-Lab cockpits can be adjusted precisely to your liking and can be easily upgraded with additional parts. 80/20 Labs is comprised of individuals from leading consulting companies around the world. The GT1 rig by Sim-Lab is a great sim 80/20 profile rig. I have a JBL 280W 4 Channel amp sitting in its box new unopened. You must log in or register to reply here. Just looking at the cost of the GT1, where did you get the 40% saving from? 80/20 Labs is comprised of individuals from leading consulting companies around the world. Know more. I was wondering if anybody with either of these two rigs could give me your thoughts on them. If you keep using this website, you are accepting those. (ignore the wheel section, I added the parts but couldn't move them in the CAD software). We have deep expertise in all facets of information security and systems auditing. Read about them in our cookies policy. Founded in 2005, 80/20 Labs is a private LLC consulting firm with many years of experience across multiple industries. This thing is seriously heavy duty and could easily support the biggest ultrawide monitors. Fixed about 20 bugs 5. Thanks, like the trackpad and keyboard ideas there. I'll attach my rig + part lists to this post. Don't forget to post a picture of the completed rig. Design Your 80/20 Racing Rig with FrameDesigner. Purchased from Sim-Lab along with the bits for my 8020 sim rig. Jos Verstappen uses a Sim-Lab P1-X cockpit for home use. P1-X sim-racing cockpit. We have deep expertise in all facets of information security and systems auditing. I priced out building my own Sim-Labs P1 and I was ahead of the curve by about $150. Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by SRCorner, Oct 3, 2018. I think my planned rig is overkill but it gives me a good baseline for future upgrades. Sim-Labs cockpits and accessories are pushing the boundaries in price and quality ratio, and we will be pursuing this going into the future. Our consultants all have CISSP certifications as well as experience with the Big 4 accounting firms. I didn't calculate the M8 bolts correctly. Bit off topic, but does anyone have experience with simvibe, amps and transducers? I did a small bit of research on simvibe and something called chassis mode which mimics all four tyres. The only thing I would order from is some of the black 8020 they have on their eBay garage sale page as TNutz doesn't carry the larger 40/80 and 40/120 black extrusions right now. I just rest the keyboard on the while I'm driving and can easily reach for it if I need to type something or adjust a setting. GT2 Direct drive Cockpit (Black) € 499.00 € 499.00. Improve design 3. If you want to buy accessories like cup holders, cable management clips, casters and other accessories, don't buy them from Sim Lab or With the P1-X cockpit I found my perfect seating position, being able to replicate exactly how I sit in a real Porsche GT3...", What I like most about sim racing is the fact that I connects the racing community all over the world. Because it’s an 80/20 profile rig it is very customizable. Different aluminium profile suppliers costs can vary a lot. Many Sim Racers out there, will at some point in time consider fabricating their own rig. There are many ways to design and build your own unit, and there is a vast choice of materials to do so. All downloaded thank you and priced up at Motedis. New V2 Black and Colors New V2 Black and Colors. New startup wizard Next Last. While driving there is no flex. Have a scoot through my sim rig tour and you'll see how I DIY'ed my keyboard tray. So it had to slide back under desk within in reason and keep the wife happy. However, it would have been a generic 8020 piece for the wheel deck instead of the incredibly sturdy, pre-drilled wheel deck theirs ships for. anton_Chez 1000RPM. JavaScript is disabled. I’ve ordered a Trak Racer rig however they aren’t shipping until late December now. It's wireless too, so I don't have to mess about with ANOTHER cable. Strong and rigid frames we need to cope with the 100+ kg brake force..", My Sim-Lab chassis offers exactly what I need from a frame. Thanks for clarifying. is the cheapest supplier I found and where the saving is made. Add Camera View Control Hit 3. Thank you for understanding. Fixed many of crashes 4. Having a look now and I reckon it's about the same price getting the GT1 or buying your own bits. Bumps in the road are transferred with clarity through the force feedback device you are using.