Mastery is a good option as well. Replacement bridge for Hofner-style guitar. I put tape around the posts of the bridge, raised it up and shimmed the neck. Set of 6 bone bridge pins and 1 end pin, slotted. Free shipping. I bought a pair of brass sleeve bearings from "grainger" (1/4" inside diameter X 5/16" outside diameter) to lock the bridge. Does that actually help or does going to a thicker gauge help out? Compensated bone saddle for Taylor® guitars 2-13/16” x 1/8” x 3/8”. no dot. Posted by 2 years ago. Now i feel my bass sings and feels much better. Gotoh tunematic, large mounting holes, 2-1/16" string spacing, 2-29/32" post spacing. Old style (ABR) tunematic saddles (set of 6), fits USA. Omega Bass® 4-string bass bridge, 2-1/4” string spacing, with mounting screws. Compare 15 from $13.99. Cutting the screws works as a stopgap, at least to fix the low E, but StayTrem is the real deal. The strings are stable and I haven't seen intonation problems. Fender 099-0807 American Standard Telecaster Bridge … Bone saddle for acoustic guitar, 4-1/8" x 1/8" x 7/16". Omega Bass® 4-string bass bridge, 2-1/4” string spacing, with mounting screws. Tremolo arm with white tip, Gotoh, fits USA tremolo (10-32). Since staytrem only ships in the UK, what are my other options? And yeah, maybe .105 its too big but i think something between .098 and .105 its good. Buzz Stop roller attachment for Jaguar® and Jazzmaster® tremolos, chrome. I used the bridge flipped on mine for a time but eventually went with the staytrem which was better. Squier bass Vi bridge replacements? Intonation screws retained securely without springs . Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Schaller STM roller tunematic, adjustable string spacing, 2-29/32" post spacing. Vintage style 3 saddle steel bridge for Tele®, tilt compensated saddles, 2-3/16" string spacing. Plastic bridge pins, slotted (50 pcs.) Then i bought a Labella flatwounds set and i changed the low E (.095 gauge) for a .105 gauge because i felt the other one was still a little bit floppy. Schaller RT series Retro-Trem arm system for Floyd Rose® or Schaller locking tremolo. Compensated bridge w/base, for arch-top guitar, 6" long x 9/16" wide. Our steel baseplate 1958 and 1975 bass bridges directly retrofit on early 1958 Precision® Bass guitars or Fender® USA 70's bass models. Bone saddle for classical guitar, 3-3/16" x 3/32" x 3/8". Tremol-No™, tremolo locking device with hardware. In early 2019 we introduced our new High Mass bass bridge which uses the same original 5 mounting screw locations and is a no-modification installation for USA Fender® Jazz® and Precision® basses The KSM Foundation™ Bass Bridge was designed to achieve the benefits of a single solid piece, but also to be fully adjustable for each individual player. 8 String A Style Bass Bridge ... Rickenbacker® Replacement Bridge (Pre 2020) 4 String Vintage Bass Bridge. 7 String A Style Bass Bridge. Just waiting for new strings to come in the mail. So here is all i spent: Labella flats: 60 dlls Sleeves bearings: 5 dlls. String spacing is the same as the standard Fender Bass VI bridge. I bought the flat string just for a personnal taste, you can buy a set of roundwounds in kalium strings for like 22 or 25 bucks. $5.00 shipping. I use kalium .098 or .095 strings on mine, can’t recall which they are for sure but I think it’s .098. for Floyd Rose® or Schaller tremolo. Omega Bass® bridge, 2-1/4” string spacing, with grooved saddles, with mounting screws. Top load or string-through body. I use a Kalium .102 low E string, flipped the bridge, stabilised the bridge using electrical tape (rolled around the posts 10-12 times) and swapped the tailpiece with a Fender VM Jaguar one (for the locking button). Schaller GTM #45060 Nashville tunematic, with hardware, 2-1/16" string, 2-29/32" post spacing. For replacement saddles compatible with this bridge and the Leo Qua... View full details % GB-0595 Roller Tunematic from $25.00 . For replacement saddles compatible with this bridge and the Leo Qua... Roller tunematic, with hardware, 2-1/16" string spacing, 2-29/32" post spacing. I had the worst time trying to intonate my squier bass vi. bass guitar, fan-fret, bass bridge, B-bender, guitar bridge, tremolo, bass machine heads, bass tuners, multi-scale, tuners, bridges, headless, vibrato, hardware Free shipping on domestic orders over $50 USD! 6 Saddle Gotoh GTC202 bridge for Tele®, rectangular steel saddles, 2-1/8" string spacing. Ebony bridge pin set, slotted (6 pcs. $67.95. Archived. Tremolo arm for Mexican guitar bridges, Chrome. 6. Unfinished rosewood with nickel adjustment wheels. ), each piece - .008" thick. I really hope you can get rid of that annoying feeling of not having a playable instrument (that's what i felt) and i hope i can help you with this information. Roller tunematic, large mounting holes, 2-1/16" string spacing, 2-29/32" post spacing. Now I have so much more tension on the strings and was easily able to get it intonated finally. Fender 099-4407-000 HiMass 4-String Bass Bridge Assembly with Zinc Saddles. I just got my bass VI and dealing with the horrid low E intonation issue. The bridge utilizes a patented ramp system that allows for precise adjustments and maximizes the transfer of string-to-body vibrations.