It wasn't that the food was inedible; it was merely dull. It became the basis for many molds in the '50s and '60s, showcasing a cook’s creativity. It's a wonder anyone in the 40s, 50s and 60s gained any weight; it's a miracle that people didn't put down their issue of Life magazine with a slight queasy list to their gut, and decide to sup on a nice bowl of shredded wheat and nothing else. Jell-O’s Whip ‘n Chill was a de rigueur pantry item in the 1960s, and was beloved for its ability to quickly go from powdered form to a light and creamy mousse. Available in flavors including chocolate, vanilla, lemon, and strawberry, it was also a popular pie filling. From neon green jello salad with entrapped tuna and olives to the dawn of the TV dinner and spray cheese in a can, read on for ’70s food you’ll totally remember—and would definitely pass on today. 1934 – Advertising kept abreast of the times and so in 1934 General The brand name “Jell-O” is owned by Kraft foods and refers to a product line including jellos, puddings, and other desserts. Back in the 1950s, 60s and 70s, your average American housewife was seemingly trying her hardest to entomb entire three course meals in Jell-O, for some odd reason. According to the Jell-O Gallery, the lime flavor was introduced in 1930. ... (ADI) of 22.7 mg per pound (50 mg per kg) of body weight . As the images below will demonstrate, food has apparently come a loooong way since the mid-20th Century!