All rights reserved with ICTBYTE. to shift the cursor to the beginning of the current line. Wildcard Pitch with Final Entrepreneurship Talk Series Level 8 with Celebrities, Semi-Final of Hult Prize at IOE 2020-21 with Entrepreneurship Talk Series happened successfully on Saturday, Semi-Final of Hult Prize at IOE 2020 with Entrepreneurship Talk Series, World Information Technology AND Service Alliance (WITSA) elected new Chairman And Board Of Director from 23 Countries, GuruChela Academic ERP Software Launching Soon, Top 5 best lorem Ipsum | lorem ipsum generator, How To Check CPU Temp? Current Scholarships 2021/2022 - Fully Funded, Full Undergraduate Scholarships 2021/2022, Fully Funded Masters Scholarships 2021/22. BSc.CSIT 3rd Semester Old Questions – Computer Architecture, BSc. For example, if you press the “G” key, the shortcut key to run this shortcut will be Ctrl+Alt+G, meaning that pressing the Ctrl, Alt, and “G” keys at the same time run the shortcut. Highlights from the current position to ending of the line. 50 Shortcut keys of MS Excel. Right-click on the program or file then click Create Shortcu. There are many Computer Keyboard Shortcut Keys available to use and also you can create your own shortcut keys. How To Record Screen in Windows 10 For Free Without Any Software? Interview with Sandip Basnet: Partnership Manager and Event Co-ordinator of SFD by OSAC, Tech Leader and Entrepreneur Anjani Phuyal in his revolutionary change in Nepali Tech Industry, Know about the myths of Hacker from Professional Penetration Tester Abartan Dhakal, “Career in technology is fun with great opportunities.” – Garima Khakurel, President of CSIT Association of Nepal. It's easy to do. Protect yourself and your loved ones from #CoronaVirus. These are some of the easiest shortcut keys for all computer-related tasks. Digital Organizing Campaign by UNITES NEPAL | Video Editing Workshop, System Engineer of WorldLink passed away due to COVID 19, Fifth Entrepreneurship Talk Series Event Successfully Conducted: Hult Prize 2020, Nepal Police HQ directs Cyber Bureau to take action against rapper ‘Vten’, Send Money from Australia to Nepal in 5 Easy Steps, How To Open Mega Bank Online Account? F1 goes to Help. Shortcut keys ABCs. How to open an online account at Sunrise bank? Moves one word to the left side at a time, Moves one word to the right side at a time. 10,000, Your Phone app: Now Use Android apps in Windows, HP Laptops in Nepal: Find which HP laptop is Best for you. How To Choose The Best VPN Service Provider? Once the shortcut is made, to assign a shortcut key to that Windows shortcut, follow the steps below. Related: How to remove and reset BIOS password? Opens the menu which moves, maximize, minimize, close the current windows. (2020). Short-cut Keys - The following table shows the different short-cut keys frequently used while working on the computer system − ... Microsoft Word Shortcut Keys: Ctrl + N: Creates a new document. Other Useful Keyboard Shorts & Tricks CTRL + C – This is one of the most basic and commonly used shortcuts on computer keyboards. to shift the cursor beginning of the document. We can't do our job quickly without knowing the computer keyboard shortcut keys, Computer keyboard shortcut keys help in getting the job done faster. F12: Saves the document as a … The rise and fall of Nokia you must know, Banks are not as stupid as enterprise AI and fintech entrepreneurs think, Tech gifts you absolutely shouldn’t buy for yourself or anyone else, Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 launched in Nepal with 10.4 inches and 7040 mAh battery, Realme C15 Launched with 6000mAh Battery & Quad-Camera, Realme 7i Launched with Massive 5000 mAh battery and 18 W fast charger. Copyright © 2020. How To Fix iOS 14 And WatchOS 7 Battery Drain And Other Issues? Here is a list of commonly used short-cut keys that can provide an easier and quicker method of using computer programs: List of basic computer shortcut keys: Alt + F--File menu options in the current program. Top 50+ Shortcut Keys For Computer - Hello Friends! Chandra. Join in and write your own page! Infinix Smart 5 with a big display of 6.6 inches and 5000 mAh battery launched in Nepal. Simply click here to return to, Current Scholarships 2021/2022 - Fully Funded, Free Scholarship Newsletter --- E-mail Address, ✅Over 4500 Current Fully Funded Scholarships for International Students. Toggles MouseKeys OFF and ON in Numeric Keypad. Apr 22, 2020 - Explore MIchael Pinnix's board "Computer shortcut keys" on Pinterest. 6 Factors That You Must Consider. After that, this creates a shortcut named “ – Shortcut” or “Shortcut to ” in the current folder. For the most efficient way to get things done while using a personal computer or windows ma Bookmarks the current page in many Internet browsers, Open a new tab in most Internet browsers or to create a new document in some software, or, Open find window for current window or document. How? Right-click the shortcut then select Properties. It's easy to do. These are some of the 50 Common Computer Keyboard Shortcut Keys. F4 Open the list of drop-down dialogs. How? F2 Renames the selected object. Top 50 Keyboard Shortcuts and their Functions; a keyboard shortcut is a set of one or more keys that invoke a command in software or an operating system. After all the steps above are done, you can copy or cut this shortcut and paste it anywhere. Shortcut Keys for Character Map * After you double-click a character on the grid of characters, you can move through the grid by using the keyboard shortcuts: * RIGHT ARROW (Move to the right or to the beginning of the next line) * LEFT ARROW (Move to the left or to the end of the previous line) * UP ARROW (Move up one row)